Carole & Tuesday Episode 19: Sidetracked in the Wind

Things got resolved quickly. But at the same time it didn’t. What was the point of having another stalker? If things were to be okay in the end they should’ve focused more on what’s happening in the background. It was a decent episode, yet it feels too late to have this mini arc.

There was even a new character introduced here which will have a role in the remaining time this anime has. With these visible flaws at this point I currently doubt how all of this would pay off in the end.

The most intriguing part in the entire episode is the buildup behind-the-scenes. Tao getting an offer by Hamilton and then rejecting it was the one thing I expected him to do. I mean, who would casually give their own work to someone who has different agendas? Right after his rejection Hamilton still doesn’t want to back down. Telling him that he will be of use one day is so blatantly clear. But no, the episode wants us to enjoy the next performances in the second half.

The MVP for this episode was Tao. No other answers needed.

Funnily enough, it took place in the same music festival but the audience’s reactions remained the same. Recycled footage, repeated stills, and having us thinking that we should enjoy the songs. I’m nitpicking here, but the performances are good at least. If I would to choose which, it’s Carole and Tuesday. Angela’s collaboration with Ertegun was too all-over-the-place even if that was the point of the song.

I’m now left wanting to know what’s the relationship between Ezekiel, the new character, to Carole.

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