Carole & Tuesday Episode 20: Things Are Getting Serious

Okay. Am I watching the same show? For once I felt so uneasy that it kept me wanting to know what happens next. I also just realized there’s still 4 more episodes left. Well, I can’t help but feel worried about what will happen next. No wonder it kept that one performance as the last.

Right now Carole & Tuesday, Angela, and Ezekiel are nominated for Best New Artist for the Mars Grammy. Everyone was all smiles. But behind the curtain, some people are making their moves. This episode also confirmed that Jerry the advisor, was behind the bombing and it didn’t come out as a surprise at least. I got the name wrong last week (and maybe even way back too) because Hamilton is a different character. While Tao was the focus before, seeing the fact he was an orphan since he was young who wants to find emotions through his research makes him a prime target. Despite his refusals, they won’t back down. What comes next, is a heavy atmosphere.

I think this is the right show to discuss topics like this.

Mind you, this anime discusses the political climate of Earth immigrants coming to Mars. Ezekiel and Carole came from the same refugee camp. She thought that after 10 years she would still see him as her old friend Amel. But no, he had to go through oppression for being an undocumented citizen. Realizing the state of the nation his song about the current climate and it coincidentally applies to our own world too. The rapper’s eventual arrest shows how unjust the world is, no matter how advanced we reach. What’s also fitting is the title of the episode, Immigrant Song. That’s not all of them – yet.

Dahlia only sees Angela as an object to reach the one goal she failed to do. When they got an AI from Tao that shows the exact replica of Angela, the real one said no for following orders. This enrages Dahlia where her last lines suggest she’s not Angela’s biological parent. When I saw that anger, it reminded me of one particular incident that actually happened in real life. Even seeing Valerie whose only role is to be a puppet figure makes it even more alarming. I am actually glad I still held on to this show and the medium of anime in general.

What will be my expectations? I don’t know. All I could say left is I am looking forward to the Miraculous 7 Minutes.

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