Carole & Tuesday Episode 21: Calm Before the Storm

Christmas came early. Well, it’s needed to brighten up the mood from the episode before. We got some moments between our characters too and the show is not letting us forget what’s happening around them. One thing of note is the first-minute recap has no narration this time. If you never actually noticed, whenever a crucial event is about to happen no character from the anime would recap the events. It’s already clear that there’s no stopping.

Did you also know that Christmas is also celebrated on Mars? Yes? No? Okay, attempted jokes aside. Tuesday actually asked Roddy to go Christmas shopping with her. Seeing his reaction to the sudden invite gives me the possibility that they could be a thing once it’s all over. But with the amount of time left I will let it float in my head. On the other hand, Gus makes his own early gift for the girls soon.

As the Mars Grammy gets closer, Angela gets more and more distressed. I expected her to go to this route but not making it even worse. Having to realize she’s an orphan since birth with no official record and having no biological parent is such a burden. From the start Angela never knew how to take care of herself yet she’s now abusing her only means of living. At the moment she resorted to use drugs without prescription makes me feel pity towards her. Here’s a reminder: Carole exists. For this episode, they’re going back to its roots from the more grounded first half.

Ezekiel, or should I say Amer, shined today even if this may be the last time we could see him.

The new songs truly served its purpose. Heartfelt and heartbreaking at the same time. Carole wanted to see the real Amer in his songs one day and his confession of a song makes it all worthwhile. Once you actually hear the first thing he went through behind bars, just think about what you have right now compared to him. If he ever makes it out alive I want him to be happy with Carole. Also their new song at the church where Carole screwed up from a former job is a great listen with earphones on. It’s telling us that the anime never forgot what was shown before.

While they are doing that, Spencer and Kyle had other things in mind. They are finding a way to prevent Valerie’s expected win. However, I see Spencer as a goody two shoes to a fault. There’s nothing more to him than a rich brother who’s just willing to do good who’ll experience some consequences later on. Oh and remember Gus’ gift? He actually brought back someone who I never thought would come back. To break the ice, Crystal returned. She will be helping the girls in their Grammy performance. One last thing, Angela should think things carefully.

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