Carole & Tuesday Episode 22: A Haunting Result

I don’t know what to say from this. We’re basically close to the end of the show but it pulled something in the last minute. Carole and Tuesday are nervous before their Grammy performance yet Angela’s going through it harder. It’s all fluffiness in the first part of the episode with the two girls until the actual performances came.

Crystal’s mentoring to the girls, seeing them having difficulty in writing the song, and with Gus & Roddy offering snacks, is becoming the norm for Carole and Tuesday. On the flip side, Angela is alone. No one, even Tao, reached out to her. She’s experiencing what Flora endured and witnessed Dahlia’s passing.

I question why her only guardian had to say another character’s name who might be Angela’s biological parent when there’s not enough time left. Actually, there wasn’t enough time to see the rivalry between the two artists besides the events in the Mars Brightest. At the same time there’s another subplot going through behind the Grammy’s. Tao’s infiltration, Jerry discovering Kyle & Spencer’s actions, and having no presence of Valerie at all. How are they able to wrap up all of this?

If not for C and T, I would’ve watched an anime about Angela instead.

In my mind I just ignored Carole and Tuesday. They’re only waiting for the one performance left. Their song with Crystal’s feature was a nice parallel about the analogy with fire as sung by Angela before but it wasn’t it. Take a look at Angela’s song. She’s at her lowest and everyone felt something was off. Another question come to mind is why didn’t the organizers gave Angela’s contact to the two girls? They’re even worried about her delayed debut while she continued suffering. Overall, everything is rough around the edges. Except for that transition of Angela’s song to the ED credits as if she’s still performing. It captured her character so well in the moment from the song alone.

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