Summer 2019 Seasonal Anime Wrap-up

If you know this, there’s no need for further tears.

Summer 2019 has been a wild ride for me. For once every show I’ve been keeping up with lures me in. Though there was an anime I was dissatisfied with its incoming conclusion, everything else was a cut above the rest.

Before I do my usual recommendations I’ve got an update for you: I won’t be doing episode reviews for next season. Why? I want to hone my drawing skills. I’ve been having less time to practice and I’m now slowly forgetting it. There’s also college and stuff but lately I’m now juggling and I need to sacrifice one of the things I do for the best. The first impressions and best OP & ED posts will still be there at least, with the former not as frequent. Also, it’s time consuming. I’m not sure when I’ll bring back my episode reviews until another opportunity comes. A good rest is really needed for me. For the meantime, you can look at my Pixiv page for my drawings and my Twitter too for more updates and WIPs of my future works.

I’ve been sidetracked for awhile now, this is what you’re here for, right?

Current Seasonal Suggestions

  • Astra Lost in Space – This one is a rare breed these days. Complete adaptation, no moment was wasted, and all done in 12 episodes! I highly suggest to watch it blind due to the amount of twists this anime has and if you’re also into space adventure. It might be a bit familiar to some with how the characters act at first but they bring something more to the table.
  • Given – Ah yes. The BL anime that I’m thirsting for especially how each characters flirt with each other. Putting that aside I commend by its accessibility to the more general audience when one would want to get a taste of this niche. There are tensions in the air, and it paid off. Also I want to buy the manga now because I’m too impatient for the upcoming movie.
  • O Maidens in Your Savage Season – THIS one though, it’s a rollercoaster of a story. At its core, a story where adolescent teens who discover their growth is another welcome addition. Also the themes of how sex was intertwined to the characters makes it a more compelling watch. I’m not even sure if one would process everything through a binge-watch.
  • Fruits Basket 2019 1st Season – You will laugh, you will cry, you will root for them. And most importantly, you will care for anyone who you relate to the most. I finally understand why this is such an important Shoujo series. I am looking forward to the next season to see how it all unfolds and it could give way to more of the same demographic. Because of this, I’m saddened that next season there won’t be another Shoujo title. Not to belittle the more popular one, it’s just that there isn’t any. I simply want more variety.
  • Dr. Stone – Speaking of variety, I like this one since it’s not your typical Shounen. Majority rely on fights, power ups, and revealing a tragic backstory in a climactic event. This one, doesn’t have any through its MC. Battles are still present but it’s backed up with facts that you don’t see everyday. You can even appreciate with what we have now since they always rediscover of going back to the present through science.

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