Carole & Tuesday Episode 24: Long Overdue

A continuation of a dragged out ending. I feel like the show tried to find a proper way of closing all threads by putting ‘Mother’, the Miraculous 7 Minutes, yet it didn’t. Why did they even insert some important detail when it’s already the finale? I don’t get it. I love the song, but hey, it ended. I think? This isn’t what I signed up for but I’ll take it.

Here’s something to save your time, Angela and Tao are actually siblings but not related by their biological parent. Both are created by an only-mentioned professor. Tao relays this to his sister and goes into hiding. From a producer to a singing coach then an internet hacker and to a person-at-large, there should’ve been more time to cover that. Not only that Valerie ended the not-so impactful political subplot with just a phone call. She was already aware of Jerry’s actions a few episodes back but she just held back. Everything ended on a feel-good note but I was left empty-handed.

Carole and Tuesday? More like, one of the most missed chances of the year.

Really, this anime had the shot of becoming one of those shows you could talk about over and over. Every performance was done with a high level of craft. It never found a proper path to take on and mashed up as much ideas as it can. Too much of those lead to tangled results.

My verdict: Watch this when you feel like you don’t have anything else to do. The music can also be a hit or miss, depending on your tastes.

And with that, I bid this anime farewell and hope that a much better version could come one day. Some continuation would not hurt too.

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