An Update

Hey, it’s been a month now. A lot of things got in the way and I’ve made mistakes. As of this writing I am still not sure if this is the right thing to do. But being quiet for a while costed a lot of my creativity and energy, both in school and in my personal work. Do you know that feeling when you get called out for being useless even if you did something? Something small for a group effort yet it won’t be used in the final product. Yeah, I went through that. The hard way. I am quite sure I made a very bad image for the people I talk to in real life and they won’t be sorry for me in the end. I won’t ask for your pity – I did it regardless.

Anything I do, whether I write, draw, tweet, or anything related, all arrows will point to me. I am liable. Even in this blog, I am the one who put up this website in the first place. I think most of you are waiting for what I’ll say next.

What does this mean for the blog?

Remember those 5-best OPs and EDs lists I do every season? There won’t be one for this season but I will make a modified list since the year is going to end soon. I will also bring back the best anime episodes for this year as well. There might be one post dedicated to a certain anime that got me by surprise and how it hits too close to home. And of course, the seasonal wrap-up is coming. There could be something else on the way but I don’t have a good line-of-thought for now.

What about Episode Reviews?

For next season, there won’t be any. College can screw up a lot of things. Also I’m in my 3rd year. You may never know when something can strike at any moment.

How about your drawings?

I will draw again when the time is right. I am actually open for commissions if you’re interested so I can schedule your inquiry.

Does this mean you’ll be back?

Yes. I need to catch up and make up for the lost time.

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