Revisiting All the Anime I’ve Watched So Far

As an otaku for roughly four years makes me wonder what are my preferences in anime. Everyone here has their own, right? Do I even share them to other people? Not so much. I started compiling all the anime I’ve watched in MyAnimeList and there hasn’t been a slight difference up to now. You know that someone out there is only into a specific type or a specific trope that only exists in the medium. I, myself, have my own preferences too.

I do wonder if finishing too many shows can kill the enjoyment of starting another one. I’ve completed like 200 or so shows. And it doesn’t count those in my plan-to-watch list. Dropped shows on the other hand, there’s a bunch of them that deserve to be there. And the thought still stands.

But, as time goes on there may actually be a reason why I’m still so captivated to anime. They have this certain ability that you can even appreciate the most mundane. Think of any slice-of-life anime, or any show that doesn’t need to be complicated. And after browsing my list there’s one thing I’ve noticed in nearly all of them.

If only real life is as beautiful as how anime depicts it.

The most common element? Majority of my completed shows usually has the element of school involved. I think it doesn’t come off as surprising to most because a big chunk of anime knows this setting all too well. It doesn’t matter on the demographic. Why? Anything, I mean anything can happen there. I cannot think of another medium where a simple confession of love to plotting an assassination against your own alien teacher or even getting lost in space can work. Even having those moments where a character can question their own existence is also acceptable. Heck, you can even settle differences when one can just communicate properly and the story can still be good. Can other forms of media do that?

I think I’ve gotten a bit overboard with that. Think about it, putting aside anime with far different concepts can you even think of one where it doesn’t takes place at school? I’ll let you think for awhile.

Anything that pops into your mind? If you’re having a hard time that’s okay. Not all anime are created the same even if visually speaking they do have striking similarities at times.

I only wanted to give my appreciation to the one that keeps me who I am. You guessed it, it’s anime. In case if you’re wondering if I do watch more than one type of anime: Yes, I do. It’s just that a majority of them have this same element and it doesn’t want to go away any time soon.

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