An Influential Father: Byakuya Ishigami

I like how parents are now involved in the story of anime. Back then we only follow the journey of the main character and how one would handle the challenges they face. In Dr. Stone particularly, Senku wouldn’t be the character we got to know behind his great interest in science. It has been built up step-by-step, as how science is taught. Related, or canonically speaking, not related by blood, having a parent is a big reason why people grow.

Senku initially didn’t mention his father Byakuya at the start of the anime. You know, he was just starting to survive the Stone World and he thinks rationally. His facade slowly changes when he reached the village. The first sign is the villagers themselves.

Everyone except Ruri, were hostile to see an uninvited guest intruding their home. After the Grand Bout the villagers did took a liking to Senku. What they didn’t know was that the village was founded on a personal commitment by Byakuya for his son all this time in the span of more than 3,000 years. Talk about an unbreakable bond there.

Even in death, it doesn’t stop this man.

His determination to make it all work out for his beloved son resonates so much to me. It’s the kind of sacrifice that is heroic. He may have his own setbacks such as not being a good swimmer at first but Senku’s help to get his father’s job as an astronaut makes it all better. I don’t know when was the last time a healthy relationship can make it work.

My father never did see me like that. To give an idea he only sees me as a stepping stone to his own goals, not mine. Because he wanted me to finish his goals he disregarded my own efforts and gave me false hope. It’s been 5 years since that incident and I cut ties with him. And when I saw these two episodes I couldn’t help but cry. The amount of commitment between a genuine father-son relationship gives me hope that you can be a better person for yourself and for those around you.

To end it on a good note please listen to the second ED of the anime. It perfectly sums up their relationship and you could get a nice song added in your playlist. Even the visuals from the anime is also a work of art. This is one of the few shounen series that I will miss. Now, where’s my Season 2?

Link to ED on Spotify.

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