Experience of Seeing Weathering With You at the Cinema

Having the chance to watch anime via other means is another experience. I’ve been so used to seeing it at my phone, tablet, or any available gadget in front of me. I know there’s TV, but I don’t trust that one anymore since the internet exists.

On the cinema, it’s the best choice for people like me living in the Philippines since it paves way to get more anime to come here. And to make it notable, I got the chance to see Weathering With You. If you’re living at another place somewhere else in the world please be patient. You’ll get your chance.

How it all happened was how I normally go to the cinema. Except we were nearly late for one showing but we still reached it on time. There was like a 30-minute gap to get the tickets since we had to get lunch first. I lined up at the counter with my mother, (yes, my mother) to get tickets. The good thing was there’s still seats available. The lady at the counter simply did her job and gave us the tickets. After getting the tickets we joined up with my brother and went straight to the cinema where the movie was shown.

I remember seeing this exact cut from the movie and it was turned into a meme.

This isn’t the first time my mother watched a Japanese anime movie at the cinema. I even watched Your Name with her alongside with my brother too. But she already forgotten the events of both movies due to the language barrier. We watched it in Japanese with English subtitles. She didn’t fully grasp at some scenes but at least she liked it. What she didn’t expect was that most moviegoers are people around me and my brother’s age. Around ages 18 to late 20s. Coincidentally there were also mothers who were obliged to give in to their son’s or daughter’s wish to see the movie. For my brother and I, we enjoyed the film. Another thing we also didn’t expect was seeing certain characters appearing for a short time and everyone was also surprised to see them again. The best part was hearing the ending song as the credits roll.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures. I rarely take pictures when I watch a movie. As we went out of the cinema turns out there’s so many people around my age who wanted to see it. Just goes to show that there is a demand for anime even with the limits found here. It may be a small thing for the ones who distribute it, this is needed to make it more accessible.

As for the film itself, Makoto Shinkai has delivered yet again. Though there are some unanswered questions at some parts, the story was good overall. And the animation too, ugh, I don’t know how the animators animate rain so well. Even with the changing weathers depicted you can feel the mood right from the screen. I am so glad in watching it.

2 thoughts on “Experience of Seeing Weathering With You at the Cinema”

  1. I know where you are coming from. One of the most exciting things to me when we moved to Las Vegas was that anime movies actually come to the theatres here. Like you, I try to go in hopes of encouraging the business to send more our way. I’ve lived in a number of different cities in the U.S. and this is the first time I’ve lived somewhere that we got the anime movies. They generally only show in a few of the biggest markets. Promare was awesome on the big screen!

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