Is Anime Running Out of Ideas?

This has been a question that’s lingering to me every time the new season comes in. You’ll see a group of sequels, new shows with similar concepts, and shows that do give something new to the mix yet gets under the rubble. And even some specifically niche shows for a specific audience. Some trends just come and go.

Do people still remember those shows? I don’t know. But what about the premise behind it? Maybe, but that may not be the only reason why. Each season there’s so much anime pumping out and as consumers we can only pick a handful of them. We keep craving for something new but in the end there are times we only go to those that align in our own interests.

Sorry if I made you think too much.

I don’t think it’s a bad thing to watch anime with a near identical elements as long as it can create its own depiction. But if the intent of the show is to mimic the exact flow of another anime piece by piece that’s when the problem surfaces. I don’t mean to take a jab to your favorite series, I needed to point out that some of them never gave any effort to the show. This can apply to any, regardless of how it is supposed to be presented as. Even the popular ones of each year, majority of them have some sort of shared elements that is seen almost everywhere.

This doesn’t even limit to the medium of anime, any form of entertainment can fall under a specific template because that’s what sells. It is a harsh reality that being creative has its own restrictions. Sometimes playing it safe can work, but it can lose an audience because of repeating the same things over and over. When you’re not aware, it can create a dilemma where it could ruin your overall enjoyment.

So, where does this all go to? Imagine you’re at a fork in the road, wanting to choose between the new, the familiar, or the wild guess. Any choice has its own results. It depends how you want to receive in return, just like how you choose an anime to watch in your list. There’s no right or wrong here, your own line of thought will decide on it. If you make the right choice good for you. If not, well, there’s a second chance. If it doesn’t do anything good at all you can go back make the choice at another time. There’s no need to rush things, you are the one who will make the last call.

2 thoughts on “Is Anime Running Out of Ideas?”

  1. It does not bother me much that they have similar or shared elements, but what bothers me is the diminishing quality of certain genres, like shounen which is long-running.
    Maybe it’s just me though.
    Also, I would love to see some original concepts like AOT… I can hope at least that 2020 will bring something good.

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