Best OPs and EDs of the 2010s

Having a decade of songs to choose from, here’s that one modified list I promised. Instead of the usual 5 Best I normally do every season I’ll compile them into a list of 10! Why? A decade is equal to 10 years. That’s it. Also having 10 songs feels like you have an album or mixtape where all of your favorite songs are placed into one playlist you want to play over and over.

Are headphones still a thing in 2019?

Back then I arranged them from my least favorite to my best song pick. Then I realized it cannot be applied most of the time where almost every song has their own flair to it. Just for this post I see these songs as equal. It removes the notion that only one of them is considered the cream of the crop. Plus it also gives way that you can enjoy whatever song you’d like to hear.

This list can be played in any order and having a shuffled mix would also make your listening session a bit more interesting for your taste. If none of them didn’t reach the cut I highly encourage to create your own. I understand we all have different preferences and you can have as many songs you want to have.

Note: Italicized titles means that it’s unavailable in Spotify, but found in YouTube instead.


  1. God only knows (Fall 2010)
  2. Kimi no Sei (Fall 2018)
  3. Saturday Night Question (Fall 2017)
  4. Kiss Me (Spring 2019)
  5. unravel (Summer 2014)
  6. Platinum Disco (Winter 2012)
  7. Winding Road (Spring 2018)
  8. Serendipity (Fall 2016)
  9. Renegade (Summer 2015)
  10. Missing Link (Summer 2011)


  1. Everyday World (Spring 2015)
  2. Whiteout (Winter 2019)
  3. Stand by me (Spring 2019)
  4. LIFE (Summer 2019)
  5. Prayer X (Summer 2018)
  6. Houkago Distraction (Summer 2018)
  7. Hazy (Spring 2011)
  8. Marutsuke (Summer 2019)
  9. Sore wa Chiisana Hikari no Youna (Winter 2016)
  10. Listen!! (Spring 2010)

The one thing I did notice while compiling the list was looking back at the anime released in this decade. If you have the time try taking a look at all the anime released in most databases like MyAnimeList. It made me feel old. Though is being in college considered old? Anyway, so many changes are spread out and the medium of anime wouldn’t be as it is today without the help of some series. Same goes with the songs that go with them.

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