2020 and Beyond

In a few days the year will be over. After countless struggles from everyday problems there is somehow time to celebrate to let the pain go away for moment. I hope things are going well in your end.

We all spent most of our time watching anime, reading manga, and other things. The times we get to see our favorite characters, from cheering for their win to crying for their pain. A rush of emotions left and right. There are moments where we do get frustrated because of their actions. I don’t know what you exactly felt, but we get to relate to them in a way. Seeing them through drawings, words, animations, there’s that certain excitement we get to share every time.

And to top it all of, no matter how much challenges we get to face, it will all be worth it.

Merry Christmas!

So, how was that short intro I made?

This is the time where we observe that one holiday where everyone goes all out. I did this 12 Days of Anime as a way to recuperate what I went through and it actually paid off. From that free time I got right after the semester just ended I had to write what I can write. It wouldn’t be here without your support. I want to thank Mallow especially for being there while I was at my lowest. Also I thank those who’ve followed my blog for the past year and a half, both new and old. Even if I wasn’t able to read all of your content, it was nice seeing that everyone gets to write something. We all share the same sentiment. Your own effort will be remembered.

As for the state of this blog from this day forth please expect that my content will be lessened when the new year starts. I’m about to start my college thesis and I will also give more time to draw. Really, I’ve spent roughly two weeks to have it all planned and written for this event alone. I am still available online if you’re wondering. You can reach me out on Twitter or if you do have Discord you can hit me up there too. Maybe I should make a New Year’s resolution to be a more active person and to be able to do what I can do. Bit of a tongue twister there, I say.

If there is extra time to squeeze in that hectic schedule I could bring in something. When I started this blog I never really knew what to do with it at first. It sort of just… How should I say this, felt like I needed to do this? I didn’t count the possibilities of what will come and it turned out as the right decision for once.

Really, college isn’t worth your time when you don’t know what to do next mainly for the fact that I study Multimedia Arts. For a course where it’s normal to collaborate a lot, I still have the tendency to do things on my own. It didn’t work all the time because you need to work with other people. It’s still rough around the edges but it kind of feels like I’m going somewhere but I can’t pinpoint what it is. The one reason I could get is that this is my way to express myself amidst the pressure I always get.

Blogging has been blessing in disguise, to me at least. I’m sure you have your own reasons. To give it a good finish, here’s one response that’s fitting no matter the occasion.

Thank you.

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