Winter 2020: In Detail

Looking at the lineup for next season there’s a most likely chance that a majority would keep up with the 2nd cour of the anime from last season. And that’s okay. Every show has its own perks. What’s notable this season is it’s more diverse in terms of genres and concepts so there’s nothing much left out at all. More room for more anime in my list! Though my Plan-to-watch list just keeps piling up… Well, it’s a common struggle to watch and we all have time in our own hands. So, here’s my preview for the first batch of anime in the new decade.


When was the last time I’ve seen a Sci-fi anime? Anyone remember? Though the premise of having a detective as a main character is a tried and tested formula, the point still stands. Also the MC is voiced by none other than Kenjirou Tsuda again. The man has gotten a lot of popularity lately and I’m here for it.


This anime was supposed to air last season but it got delayed due to unknown reasons. But at least I will get to see it. Aside from the supernatural which will be a main point in this anime I’m more looking forward to how Geno Studio delivers. Right now they’re almost exclusively adapting Seinen series and or series with mature themes.

Runway de Waratte

Out of all the shows penned up, this stands out for having a complete 180 of what I’ll watch alongside. Even weirder, it’s tagged as Shounen despite having a story about fashion. Demographics can really confuse a lot of people. I’m more interested to see how it can live up to its name.


I’m a bit hesitant to see this. At first glance it’s your typical show with a male and female duo where the girl has powers of some sort. In this case it’s her being a mediator between two different worlds and the guy has just broke up with his girlfriend. What did drew me in is the character designs specifically for the supporting cast and not the main guy. I mean, come on, at this point the girl will just steal his thunder. Having it based on a novel first then having a manga adaptation later doesn’t help either.

Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun

Okay, this anime is my wildcard for this season. Why? I have no idea what’s going to bring. It’s another supernatural rooted on Japanese urban legends, one of which is about a spirit (the MC) who haunts school bathrooms. There’s also the ever-mentioned Seven Mysteries that has been used a lot in school legends of various anime.

Technically in a few days (or hours) from now the season will start already. That’s how fast it goes. This is one of the many guides you’ll see. Now my question is, what’s in your list this season?

9 thoughts on “Winter 2020: In Detail”

  1. It seems alot of us are interested in Toilet-Bound Hanako for weird reasons haha. It just has that aura to it that makes it look so interesting and appealing. Lerche Studio has always been pretty good at that…

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  2. Ditto on all the anime on your watchlist. Toilet Bound Hanako was a solid read and I’m happy the anime is coming out.

    I’m also looking forward to watching (if I can get my hands on them):
    Somali to Mori no Kamisama
    Haikyuu 4
    Isekai Quartet 2
    Plus, any title that suddenly appeals to me when I have nothing to watch or am bored.

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