The Mystery Blogger Award

In recent events things are getting complicated from where I live. And don’t worry, I’m safe here. I was going to handle my thesis but another blog post wouldn’t hurt, right? Writing and researching over blogging are two different things entirely.

Ethan_07 awarded me with this and I thank you for the nomination. The award was created by Okoto Enigma but for some reason I cannot access the site no matter how many times I refresh it. Based from what I could gather the award aims to reach out to bloggers catering to a specific niche. It’s a really nice goal if you think about it. Now, onto the subject matter.


  • Put the award logo/image on your blog.
  • List the rules.
  • Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  • Mention the creator of the award and provide a link as well.
  • Tell your readers 3 things about yourself.
  • You have to nominate 10 โ€“ 20 people.
  • Notify your nominees by commenting on their blog.
  • Ask your nominees any 5 questions of your choice; with one weird or funny question.
  • Share a link to your best post(s)

3 Things About Me

I am a reserved person.

I don’t talk to many people, even after studying college for three years at this point. There was a time I joined a college organization where I could interact with more people yet I didn’t use the time well. The org was small, the older members were busy with their own projects and I basically filled up the gap to keep it afloat. I did participate in some activities here and there but even in my org there was invisible walls between members. The good thing is I did talk to some of the older members and I got closer to them than my actual org mates who enrolled in the same school year as me. When time came for new members to come in everything became more lively and it felt like I joined at the wrong time. They are more welcoming and recognized me for who I am except it was the moment I’m now taking up my thesis or capstone project. I’m still welcome to the org at least but I regret that I wasn’t able to be as active as I thought I could be. Majority of the time I always use my phone just to keep myself busy. In the end, it’s one of my biggest mistakes.

I commute on my own.

Most of my college life is me going to school and going home then vice versa. In one semester there was one person who did accompany me until we go on our separate ways at a stoplight. At one point that person stopped joining me then it went back to how I started my college. Lonely, isn’t it? People come and go even though they’re right in front of you. It lead to a point that I’m content with just getting a degree so there are more chances of me getting a job. What I didn’t realize is that everything I do is part of my own growth whether it’s sad or fulfilling. There are still some good things when you do things on your own but I should take note of the consequences.

I tend to think a lot.

Since I rarely talk or even reach out to people, most of my time is spent on thinking. Not the kind where I think out loud it’s more of a thought that comes into my head, searches the topic in the internet, and browse aimlessly until I satisfy my curiosity. Sometimes it applies to my classmates on how they think of me. I got way too conscious about it and broke connections along the way. As of this time I’ve been correcting them on my own without their help and it feels way better than what it’s supposed be. However, it can creep up to my head when I sleep and it does harm to my own self. One advice I got from a friend was that I need to make myself a better person. It may not work right away, but it is better to take the step forward.

Answering Ethan_07’s Questions

Do you have any unusual habit(s) while writing a blog?

I pay very close attention to the Publish and or Schedule button. One time I had a series of blog posts scheduled for a specific time period and some didn’t show up until I clicked it again. I swear, I already had my content written out but that nearly screwed up my efforts. Good thing the mobile versions was more responsive than the desktop ones. Not only that, I also take note of the amount of words I write. Why? Some readers prefer a short and clear post over a post that drags out at times. It can work for specific types of posts but not everyone has the time to read everything.

Which anime/movie character do you want to choose as your best pal, why?

The Immortal Sugimoto from Golden Kamuy! He basically can withstand all of those bullets, arrows, swords and fists from enemies. Sugimoto also had to face a wild bear with his own bare hands when he almost had no arms. (Correct me if I’m wrong here.) Having weapons or not, he can defend himself. Plus he can survive with limited rations and knows how to adapt to the environment. Best part is whenever you have a cooking session with him. I love those exaggerated reactions at times and he has this aura that you can trust his own instincts. (Oh, and by the way, his body is worth thirsting for too along with the other alpha males in the series.)

In the world of isekai, what kind of ability would you choose after reincarcinating?

The ability to observe and share knowledge. I for one never liked to get dragged into the center of attention at times. It makes my mind go blank and I always get exhausted at the end of the day. I could go with being overpowered and such but it takes up too much of my energy. By observing instead, I get to see some interesting viewpoints that won’t be seen from first-hand information.

Can you dance?

No. I don’t. Not really interested in moving too much.

What does anime mean to you?

Anime is one of the few mediums left where you can enjoy what’s on screen without any worry. There’s this freedom that anime has when one premise explores it. You are free to choose from whatever genre, premise, or even type of show you like to watch. It also handles certain topics way better compared to live-action. (Look up March Comes in Like a Lion and similar series.) Not every anime character judges in a negative light and the hate mostly comes from people who don’t understand the medium too well. Sometimes it’s better to enjoy it as it is rather than convincing a random person on the internet who’s too stubborn to change their thoughts especially on specific aspects of anime. People would only stop watching anime if one is too closed-minded on the changing medium. Not every anime is created the same, unless if you watch exclusive shows.

My Best Posts

Oh yes. I’m looking forward to this part. My efforts from the ground up made some interesting posts. Back in 2019 I talked about Boogiepop’s 2019 anime and how it’s notably different from the novels. It’s also my most viewed post on the blog to date. Another one would be me questioning if anime is ever running out of ideas. I truly enjoyed making those posts and I gave my all to them.

Nominations and Questions

I spent so much time on this point that I nearly forgot who I was supposed to nominate. Didn’t expect it to be this long and I hope I didn’t disturb you!


  1. What advice can you give to new bloggers?
  2. Do scores matter in enjoying a series?
  3. Which is better, legal distribution or piracy?
  4. What is anime for you?
  5. Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate?

We’ve reached the end of this long post! This is one good exercise for me and we got to learn a thing or two. Writing has these perks once we get to know each other. Once again, I am grateful for the award.

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