Seasonal Impressions: Winter 2020

Winter 2020 has been an unexpected ride. And we’re not even in the next season just yet. And if you didn’t notice, I’m now doing Seasonal Impressions! What’s the difference you may ask? It’s like how I do my individual First Impressions but covering all the shows I’m watching currently. Instead choosing a specific number, I’m doing a more broad approach by describing it in one paragraph. Take note that this is still unpolished so please bear with me. Here goes.

They’re just doing their thing and I can’t stop listening to Easy Breezy over and over again.

Eizouken ni wa Te wo Dasu na!

Another case of me not listing it down on my preview post but ends up watching it because it’s so charming. This is a love letter to all kinds of media produced and it doesn’t even limit to anime itself. It’s fun, optimistic, and it lets you get sucked into their imaginations until you get a reality check. Visually-speaking, it basically carved an identity of its own since it embraces various styles thus creating a visual library all-in-one. I think everyone should take note of something that this show has to offer.

Runway de Waratte

The difficulty of being in the professional field is no joke. Initially we are introduced to both Chiyuki and Tsumura achieving their dreams of making a mark in the fashion industry. I even love how they keep pushing each other up to their limits. Then it shifted to Tsumura’s perspective. It might sound a bit of a let down but the change is welcome for awhile. I do want to see more of Chiyuki since she was the one who started the story.


This one is on hold. While I do love the banter between Kotoko and Kuro there are times it feels like Kotoko is carrying the show by herself. The guy is just there, being dragged by her antics. Each standalone mystery is a bit disconnected to each other as the transition in between goes into one swoop without any callbacks. I don’t know what is the overall goal but I may look back into it once the season is over.

Pet is a hidden gem despite the mixed reception.


Am I the only one left still watching this? People are missing out here. It feels like Boogiepop 2019 all over again. And this time there’s actual adult characters. The nonlinear direction of this anime is a good call for it to reveal everything once the story goes for it. When things get down that’s when the show’s strengths come into play. Though it only appears for a moment and you have to pay attention to it. The very hint of what the series is like is in the title already.


We’re going into the overall meat of the story and it’s getting there. Who knew that I could sympathize with a serial killer and root for the newly promoted one too? Making up with theories about John Walker and his connections to Kaeru and Sakaido is engaging on its own because the anime doesn’t tell you the obvious answer right away. I don’t know how Hondoumachi and the other criminals would help in the case. But one thing’s for sure, I’m invested in this anime.

Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun

The anime is a standout for its visuals. I even love how Hanako-kun himself knows how to keep things smooth. Best boy of the season right there. One thing I did notice is the animation is made to the bare minimum yet it doesn’t feel cheap. It’s a difficult skill to pull off and it’s done right. The blend of supernatural horror and occasional light comedy makes it an organic feel.

All-in-all, I’d say that this season is a solid start for 2020. Who knows what the medium of anime will bring to us once again. Except for the fact that it’s getting harder to keep up with everything now. Anyways, what is your thoughts about the current season?

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