Give It A Light Novel Title Challenge

Oh hey, something to let loose for once. Just so you know I’m still here! In case, last month I only had one post because I’m quite busy with thesis. And it’s no joke. Research, surveys, keeping in touch with groupmates, that kind. On the bright side I get to spearhead most of the creation. As it is a major academic project, there’s going to be an output that will be judged by a panel of professors and school faculty. You can feel the pressure there. But, there’s a tag I wanted to do. It’s better to take things slowly than taking it all in.

I think this tag is new, I think. Dewbond created it and here we are. I really like the concept of this challenge because it’s a needed exercise to get those creative juices going. And thank you to Le Fenette of Anicourses for giving the tag. Though I haven’t read most of your posts yet due to my current situation but I will try to read them one day. I’ve been out of touch for some time now.


  • Choose up to five anime, manga or visual novel series that have a short title
    • Light novels that have shorter titles (Date A Live for example) are also allowed.
  • Give these series a new title based on those classic overly long Light Novels we love!
  • If someone has already picked a series you wanted. Itโ€™s ok! Letโ€™s see your own take on the title!
  • Link back to the original post
  • Include Give it a Light Novel Title in your tags so everyone including myself can find them all easily.
  • Nominate around 1-6 bloggers.


Dr. Stone

“Science is cool in the Stone Age, really, 10 Billion Percent!”

Image result for dr stone
You heard that in Senku’s voice.


“I talk to criminals to their death and dive into their heads.”

Image result for id invaded sakaido
I feel sorry for the guy after Episode 10.

Astra Lost in Space

“Didn’t I went into space because I was told it’s only a camping trip?”

Image result for aries kanata no astra
Thank god there’s a cute guy who can save. -Aries Spring

The Ancient Magus’ Bride

“I keep drowning everytime I use my magical powers since I was bought by a Magus.”

At least Chise knows.

O Maidens in Your Savage Season

“My First Time: Why is Being Young this Complicated!?”

This gif makes it even better.

Some of these titles are a bit difficult for me to come up with, but hey, maybe yours could be better. I cannot wait to see them. If you don’t have the time to do it, I understand.

5 thoughts on “Give It A Light Novel Title Challenge”

  1. These where great ! I thought i already reacted to this but I guess I forgot to enter like I so oftenly do!
    I might pick this one up for a second round but I did this one on my blog before so I need to see if I can inspire myself yet again! Still thanks a lot though! And again great job on these tiitles <3!


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