Winter 2020 Seasonal Anime Wrap-up

Outside of the bubble things are worrying. It is unavoidable to see news about coronavirus and how one should be protected from the disease. I do hope that everyone stays put and be safe, whenever possible. A lot of what we normally do will change but it is for the best. Also the people who are in the frontlines, I thank you for your continued help. I may be stuck here, but your sacrifice will not be forgotten.

Here’s a fluffy screenshot for you!

So far, this year is something. For once the season is one of the most quiet in my experience of seasonal anime. Sure it still has popular sequels and that one show no one asked for yet there’s no big event or anything. As if the first three months into the new decade felt like it’s been half a year now, escalated so much to the point you didn’t notice that much time was spent. Yeah, that is a sentence there.

Also this is the first time I put two anime on hold. Though the very thought of it is actually like a dropped list, but for shows I don’t hate in a way. I still have other things to deal with, so it somewhat fulfills that purpose and chances of catching up are slim.

Anime-to-Watch This Season

  • ID:Invaded – Now this is how a mystery anime should be handled. The concept, the main characters, and the way how each case is deducted is praiseworthy. In spite of guessing who’s the main culprit early hand without looking into it too much it’s a plus for a show that keeps things consistent. There are even times when a specific scene is well-crafted. And it’s an original anime too!
  • Eizouken ni wa Te wo Dasu na! – A show that’s on the same level as Shirobako, without the stress in the actual workplace. There’s still challenges on the way for the girls and they were able to overcome it. Not only that, it’s a goldmine of references from various anime and even from other forms of media. Goes to show that creativity is limitless.
  • Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun – Story and characters carried the show even though the latter half up to the incoming finale feels like I’m watching a slideshow with audio. Quite unfortunate. But at least it’s going to a good conclusion for the season. I think this shows what’s the cost of prioritizing stylized direction.
  • Runway de Waratte – I feel like there’s something missing behind the scenes. It has its moments and it felt forced making it out of place at times. What I do like is how the rivalry is handled. No over-the-top craziness, but pure rivalry done on equal terms. What it does need is a makeover on the fashion itself since presentation-wise some of the clothes felt cheap.

Shows On-Hold/May Never Get Back Into

  • In/Spectre – I stopped at Episode 2. And nothing more. My memory is hazy at this point on what happened in the story despite being heavily advertised on my feed. But at the same time nothing of value was lost.
  • Pet – This one was rocky. Same situation with In/Spectre but lost halfway into the series. It had potential, but it did not make me hooked at what would happen next even with the uneasy atmosphere. I liked that it tried to be a standout except it did not do anything.

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