Anime To Watch While We’re All Stuck at Home

Let’s face it, we’re all finding ways to keep ourselves busy. Whether it would be scrolling around in the internet, finding memes, streaming, eating, sleeping, and doing it all over again until quarantine is over. And in between there’s a wall that’s bound to be hit at one point. While the Spring 2020 season of anime had a rocky start, it’s a chance for someone out there who wants to catch up to shows that were aired before. Take note that the anime that will be listed here is considered recent as of this writing.

Aho Girl

Don’t get it? Well, you don’t have to.

If you want to turn off your brain from all of this, Aho-Girl is here. You can basically finish this in one sitting since the 12-episode season is half the normal length of each episode. Full of shenanigans from the titular character and the weird cast, there are times you might be turned off at how far the main girl willing to take the risk of getting the attention of her crush. Good thing the guy plays the straight man and is not willing to give in to her bullshit all the time.

Sweetness and Lightning

I want to squeeze that sheep.

Before Kakushigoto and other series I saw that has a father-daughter dynamic, you’re in it for a lot of fluff. It’s not easy being a single father who has to shoulder a lot of responsibilities and it will be worth it when you see that smile. You’ll also learn some recipes along the way where eating together is the reward from all of the stress. Except having that also has its own exchange too so it is best to be in the moment when one can.

ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept.

Quick thoughts: ACCA 13 | Anime Amino
You’re walking into a museum of art.

One of the rare anime telling the full story. You’ll also be treated to a myriad of art ranging from backgrounds, animation, sound design, to even the tiniest of details in worldbuilding. What I like is how despite the chill atmosphere it consistently has throughout its run it gives a chance to take a peek into an underlying conflict in a kingdom that “works”. Keep in mind there’s no heavy action at all and it is way different from your typical show. If I remember correctly there’s also a sequel OVA episode called Regards taking place after the first anime.

Recovery of an MMO Junkie

A couple more years and I'll be in Christmas cake territory. I'm ...
This is us right now.

Sweet and short. The concept of meeting a person in online games and seeing them in real life is always a different experience especially when the character is an adult. This is one of the series where adults as main characters become a slow-and-steady trend in anime now. It even pokes fun at one of the many problems of being a shut-in but in a lighthearted tone at least.

Tanaka-kun is Always Listless

At times, I feel like this.

If you feel like you want to erase your existence or have no energy to do anything, one character is here for you. Tanaka-kun has the presence of wanting to be blended in because he hates conflict of any kind. But if a problem does arise, he does his best in giving what he can do when he talks to people. It’s also a plus when a show knows what they’re doing too.

You can watch these at your own pace by the way. There’s no right or wrong and everyone has their own sense of time. Technically there are more anime beyond this list but I recommend to explore it on your own to make it more worthwhile.

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