How Music Elevates an Experience in ID:Invaded

Remember that one episode where Sakaido and Anaido cross through a desolate desert in their minds? That’s how hot it is in my home country right now. Sure it might not reach that hot but living in the tropics has its drawbacks.

With that said, let’s look back at a recent anime from the start of the yearโ€” ID:Invaded. An anime about brilliant detectives, serial killers, id wells, and a killer soundtrack. If you didn’t know what this is all about I highly suggest you to watch the show because from this point spoilers are incoming. Are we good? Good.

Throughout the run the series emphasized on one specific part not used too often in seasonal anime. That is, the music used or should I say more specifically, insert songs. Mostly these kinds of tracks are used in climactic moments near the end of the season. Sometimes an anime uses the OP to make things more exciting. (Refer any shounen anime at the top of your head.) But this was a rare case as it was sprinkled on almost every episode. What’s also notable is how it didn’t detract the overall flow of the story and it became a highlight of the series as a whole. Try to imagine the same show without the soundtrack used.

It is a bit difficult to see it that way right?

One thing that keeps me wondering is that a bunch of these came from one artist, namely MIYAVI. Not only he contributed the ED Other Side, his songs are taken from his album No Sleep Till Tokyo as part of the show’s soundtrack. That’s some good exposure there so more people will be interested in his work. There are also more noteworthy people behind the songs because it is a skill to create it. When done right, insert songs can be a great addition to make a show more memorable. And of course, it takes a person or a group to make it work.

If you can remember this scene, one song should pop into your head.

Samurai 45

Whoever thought of putting this song in the middle of a burning building to save a girl deserves a raise. The very setup of the scene sounds like a normal task for the person on the job. But since Sakaido keeps dying to the point of finding a strategy, this is a motivational one. Putting it on precise timing with the action on screen makes you cheer for him although the girl is actually dead in real life. That’s one painful thing you get in return.

Link to Spotify


I first heard this song through MIYAVI’s recent album. I didn’t like it at first. And somehow when this song popped into the finale of the anime it actually worked. This could be one of those songs that grows on you depending on how you enjoy it. How it was used in the anime made it seem out of place yet the buildup in its instrumentals when Sakaido and Hijiriido finally found a way to beat John Walker felt like a good sendoff.

Link to Spotify

ID : INVADED saison 1 รฉpisode 6 en streaming Vostfr et vf
Although you were not a trusted character, at least it gave us a song to remember.

Eternal Rail

At this point in the story Sakaido is slowly showing his softer side when it comes to loved ones. When he did solve the mystery as usual he feels conflicted that one of them involves a young Inami despite she didn’t change her ways until the end. (She’s a bitch.) From what I could recall, Inami’s well is a train that keeps going on in circles that doesn’t stop. It always intersects at a road where her closest acquaintance or family member is killed as the train crosses. Sakaido cannot mention that he knows her or else a paradox will happen.

The titular song sets a mellow mood between Sakaido and young Inami. Usage of piano and soft vocals by Kenmochi Hidefumi with the emptiness of the train is executed in a poignant manner. Themes of death is a major point in both sides as each has their own form of grief.

Link to Youtube (Piano version)


There’s actually an insert song while the detective recklessly fights with an MMA fighter if you listen closely. Normally in heavy action scenes it’s typically random sounds here and there having no sense at all. Remove the lyrics of the song the instrumental can still carry the same weight of the scene while Sakaido’s limbs gets dislocated. Produced by Kazuya Nagami with vocals by David Vives it’s a hard-hitting one when they are giving their all. I could also listen to it in other action shows too no matter the medium. It would be nice if I could find the song but at least you’ll hear it in the show.

Memories of Love

Ugh. There’s a good reason why this song should be here.

Behind that all cool facade of being brilliant detective and being a serial killer in another, at his core Sakaido is a human being. The English lyrics were a bit off in its vocal delivery by Hiroshi Suenami & soundbreakers but it never bothered me through the tears I shed during that one montage. Him finding out that he’s been living in a fake world all this time is expected if you piece it all together except he’s been doing it for a year. Take note, his prison cell is full of photos with his now dead family. And he was able to kill that same man who did it but only in a different timeline in a well within a well.

To hit the nail, Sakaido has to accept the fact he has to let go of his ideal world or else he cannot accomplish his task to take down John Walker. His breakdown on screen with Kenjiro Tsuda’s heartbreaking voice adds all up to an impactful moment.

Link to Youtube

Seeing the show weekly was a gift that only comes once in a while. Future original anime and or adaptations, please take notes from this one okay? If I had the time, I want to relive it again. That’s how good of a series can take you from the soundtrack alone.

If you like my content, I made a similar post of music in anime as an analysis through a specific character. Until next time!

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