The Jon’s Creator Showcase: May 2020 (Gaming + Videos)

Here we are, part 2. Anything about games are the talk. There’s also some videos to keep you entertained for the time being. Though I have been dry on playing games lately at least it kept me sane throughout this quarantine along with other things I do at home. And I like that everyone has their own way too. In case, here’s part 1 of the showcase to catch up. You know the drill.

Gaming Showcase

New Horizons Is The Game We All Needed

Amelia shows her gratitude for a game where it keeps our minds relaxed. This one has been on my timeline for so long even though I own a Switch Lite. I’m not asking for your code because I didn’t really plan on buying it. After seeing this post, it makes me feel grateful about how games can let go of a temporary stress in the midst of everything around us.

5 Awesome Reasons You Should Play the Horror Puzzle-Platformer, Little Nightmares

Yon Nyan shares their thoughts on a horror which got me interested for once. It’s also the first time I’m hearing such title exists and it goes to show there are more games out there for those who want something different. Added on my wish list!

Last Order: Final Fantasy VII spoiler review

Take note of the spoiler in the title. For an old game from one of the most well-known franchises of all time, Matt breaks down the earliest anime adaptation of Final Fantasy VII. I for one didn’t know there was an anime.

Persona 5 Royal: First Impressions And Predictions

AK gives an initial impression where the add-on content gives a more complete experience. And I’m still waiting for SMTV here. It’s so unfair the updated version of Persona 5 is only found on one console and the spin-off doesn’t count. Okay, enough ranting there. I didn’t play the first one either and it is a good thing this was released. (If I could get my hands on it!)

Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories – Living A Crisis

Pete Davison reviews an apocalyptic game where you, the player, escape a fictional Japanese city in the middle of a disaster. Games like this aren’t my thing yet what you learned in these stories can be eye-opening.

Super Popular Video Games I Have Never Played

From the title alone and the games mentioned, please make sure you’ll take it with a grain of salt. Why? Not everyone plays the same thing. Convincing people to play them will just waste time and it won’t be worth it. Let people enjoy what they want.

Video Showcase

So you wanna play: ITTA?

For whose who want to play an indie game, Corthos Fellrin gives you a short tour of what you’re getting into. To note, I give props for the developer of having a distinct artstyle which you don’t see much these days.

Tokyo Ghoul’s Anime Adaptations Were Botched?

Velarix presents a lengthy discussion on Tokyo Ghoul’s series adaptation. I respect to the creator in giving a civil argument who gave valid points and acknowledges the show’s faults. Topics like this are subjective and the video focuses more on the anime as a story of its own rather than an adaptation.

Hajime Nagumo – From Average Protagonist to Isekai’s Best (Arifureta)

Leth defends Hajime Nagumo, the main protagonist of an isekai which did made quite a name. Similar in objective like in the video before this one, it tackles the overall strengths despite what majority would say about it.

Why I like Scissor Seven So Much!

AstrotableCT brings a quick commentary on Scissor Seven, a Chinese animated show. Yes, there are animated shows that came from other countries. It is a bit weird to me how these foreign animated shows aren’t as talked about compared to anime and cartoons. Well, all of the mediums still have a long way to go.

We’ve reached the end of this month’s showcase. I had a fun time reading and watching all of your submissions because what better way to spend time now? For the upcoming one, Scott will be next month’s host. Be sure to be on the lookout for more content!

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