Bara Influences in Anime and Shows that Have Them

While the Bara genre is still not known to the general public, the elements is gradually showing up in anime today. Slow, but taking one step at a time is better than never.

Compared to its more in-demand counterpart, Yaoi, or in other cases Shounen-Ai, both genres are still not being talked about in a normal basis due to how some audiences are uncomfortable of seeing two men in a genuine relationship. What more if they see guys flexing their muscles to each other in a cabin alone in the woods in their loincloths? Scandalous, I should say.

Really, if anime does reach a stalemate, why not explore it this way? The medium explored countless amounts of topics not covered by any other form of entertainment thus far. Even with the limitations in broadcasting, it continues to blur the lines as time goes by. Take a look at any Ecchi anime with elements that could pass as a Hentai yet it was able to air on Japanese television. Strayed away from the topic a bit there.

Moving along, even if you remove the sexual aspect of Bara, you can still see parts of it in different settings used in anime. Take note these details are on my point of view, from my own experience. These include:

  • An all-male cast or a cast lead by guys; females can also be included as well
  • Men with varying body sizes, muscles, or body hair
  • Moments showcasing forms of bromances or “bonding sessions”
  • Bishounens are not considered

Those quotation marks might mean something else, if you know what I mean. There might be additional features I have missed, if there anything you already know please comment them. The anime noted here can be included in your next watch list, when you feel like watching a show you don’t see often. The actual sex part isn’t there, but who can’t say no to manly fanservice?

Golden Kamuy

MAL | AniList | Anime Planet

It is criminal after two seasons of the anime had aired, it went into obscurity. Such is the curse of seasonal anime. Golden Kamuy is about a guy named Sugimoto and his quest to find a stash of treasure from the aftermath of a war along with Asirpa, an Ainu girl. Along the way, you will meet guys from inspired from Japanese history and each of them has their own… assets. What’s also great is after the mindless fun between the character it can go back into serious mode when it needs to be. And I love it!

All Out!!

MAL | AniList | Anime Planet

Are you interested in sports? What about rugby for a change of pace? Okay, that sounds like it’s for a different post and this anime touches down a spot here. While it is on paper All Out is about the sport itself and having a main character who is the shortest person in the team, I’ll give credit for the diverse character designs. You can’t have a good show where almost every character looks the same from top to bottom all the time.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

MAL | AniList | Anime Planet

If you argue to me that the characters are not beefcakes then why are you here? I included this in spite of its notoriety through memes. Why? All the guys fit into the criteria above. But, I do not know the extensive lore since it extends into 5 series telling its own stories. Fair warning though, the series’ fanbase can make or break your enjoyment even if the anime is void of these. And if you do have the time to sit through that many series, good for you.

Despite the anime written here are not actual Bara anime, at least you can get a taste of what it’s like. This may be far fetched, because I would LOVE to have an anime with what the genre has. From the muscles, body hair, being charmed by their rough looks, the awkwardness of being in a same-sex relationship, only a guy like me can dream… The one work I know that could spearhead is if My Brother’s Husband could get an anime. A live-action drama already exists and what wonders it could make if it was turned into an anime?

What do you think? Do you want an actual Bara anime? Are there things about the genre you don’t like? Or do you want to have a recommended list of sexually-explicit Bara manga? Let me know!

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7 thoughts on “Bara Influences in Anime and Shows that Have Them”

  1. All Out is one of my favorite sport anime!

    And yes, please do a list of bara manga. (I am so tired *cough cough, not really but let’s pretend* boys love. I want muscles and body hair for a change.)

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  2. I love the idea of the Bara Manga list, please do share. One of the clients I used to write sex stories for had me writing what amounts to bara – sports based gay male relationships, so the men had muscles and body hair and a very “masculine” for lack of a better word, sort of point of view. Since I had known a couple guys just like that, it was actually fun and easy to write. Don’t get me wrong, I love the bishies as well, but it was fun to get to play with bears, too 😉 The copyright went to the buyer, so sadly I can’t share the stories. I agree that anime is “allowed” to explore themes that mainstream media seems to ignore or outright reject – so why not some bara series. Seems like many of the people who love the boy-love would also enjoy the bara, plus it would appeal to others who don’t like the BL we have now. I’m just an all inclusive sort of pervert I guess.

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    1. You learn something new everyday. I lol’ed when you loved to play with bears in your stories! It would’ve been nice if I get to read it but alas. My next post is about what you’re looking for by the way. It’s a short list, and you’ll get the general idea. I also like how you’re very open when it comes to sexual topics. Not that many people would be willing to casually discuss it like how’s the weather today.

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      1. I think one of the great failures of our society is that we CAN’T discuss any sort of sexuality like “oh, the weather is nice today.” casually and sensibly. Like the weather, it’s just part of life. One of the more FUN parts – or at least it should be most of the time. And if it isn’t fun, then maybe we SHOULD discuss that…

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