Seasonal Impressions: Summer 2020

Another day, another season. As time goes on some things may have changed but at what cost? You and I may not know it right away. In any case, the anime we all consumed every now and then can feel different for some. While for others it may be another show to them. And right now, at least there’s a way for me to not think about the struggles of real life and be immersed in the world of anime. Normally back then I would pick one anime then make my first impressions but it didn’t feel enough. This is an overview of the shows I picked this season so it would have a more nuanced take. Shall we begin?

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I know you’ve reached this far now.


Being an original anime, it’s nice to see it’s doing its own thing. While the anime might let you think Natsume is the main character, some forget Kaburagi exists too. The changes in art-style from the human world to the cyborg world did cause an itch for some. For me, it’s how you instantly identify what it is. Sure there’s action on screen, but what about the world they’re in? It’s been 4 episodes so far and I haven’t been this hooked for a while. Though an incoming problem would be the length, if it can stay afloat I’m glad I never dropped it.

The God of High School

I’m on the fence at this one. All fight sequences are pretty much the selling point but it doesn’t feel like I’ve gotten to know the cast enough. This may be the reason why the pacing felt off especially at the recent one. Another case where the source material (webtoon this time) had to cut through some content to make it consistent yet it did not stick the landing. I never felt like rooting for someone despite the story being so simple to follow. Maybe for Daewi or Mira but not for Jin Mori who’s obviously the strongest person in the show.

Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru. Kan

A prom. Yes, it all ends with a prom. Fitting for a show revolving around teenagers and this is one of the anime I grew up with since the start of season 1. It’s still so early in the season and they’ve already been through so much. I don’t know about you, but being attached for a beloved series and seeing it end is bittersweet. Now’s the time for the characters to say or do those things they wanted to do for the last time. Things will change inevitably, and a lot of pain will be endured. Let’s enjoy this emotional rollercoaster.

kyoruedit | Tumblr
Best ship in the anime, hands down.

Fruits Basket 2nd Season

Growth. That’s the best word I could put into it as of the moment. In other anime growth is only reserved for the main character and in Fruits Basket’s case, everyone gets their own development. Each one of them matures in a natural way both figuratively and literally! No wonder it’s considered a classic and it truly shows. What’s notable there’s nothing much at stake in a more serious sense. It’s a well crafted family drama where one girl wants to help in her own little ways as possible. I do hope this paves way for more Shoujo anime to come by. Having this was a privilege already.


I’ve missed this. We’re still building up to the main cross-country race of America. Some threads needed to be tied up and it’s back on track for now. Though I am a bit worried that all of this may not be enough for a 13-episode show. I’ll try to be optimistic at least. There’s some participants whom we haven’t known yet and it looks like there’s some scheming behind the scenes. Whatever the outcome, just keep on going. If only I had the same mindset as Appare…

The Millionaire Detective โ€“ Balance: Unlimited

First two episodes back in Spring were over-the-top, and the newest episode continues that albeit less money was spent. Slowly and surely we’ll get to know the main buddy-cop duo and the police department they work at. I do want to see them more over Daisuke at times. Hell, look at their character designs. It might feel like a waste of a character if the entire spotlight goes to him and sometimes Haru. While this isn’t a typical anime (thank god for that) it opens up to unfamiliar storylines. Just don’t waste time at Twitter because all you see is the same man who flashes his money.

I once thought everything would be left dry with me having so few anime to look forward. Maybe the delay was somewhat worth it? Maybe. Life can be so unpredictable. How about you? What are your thoughts in the anime this season? Let me know.

3 thoughts on “Seasonal Impressions: Summer 2020”

    1. Itโ€™s nice to see someone liked the twist early on. I donโ€™t know why other people didnโ€™t like it with their own petty reasons. Oh well. Itโ€™s shaping up to be a good show and thereโ€™s something more than what is shown so far.

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      1. Definitely liked the twist a lot, but I’ve only now gotten used to the clash of art styles ๐Ÿ˜€

        Agree! I like how things are building swiftly and that, like you said, there seems to be plenty more for the audience to discover. Wish I could watch it a few episodes at a time though!


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