Seasonal Impressions: Fall 2020

The last season of the year known as 2020. Things are getting somewhat stable, until it could change by a single decision. I don’t know what I’m talking about here.

Anyhow, in a seasonal perspective, Fall 2020 has one of the most fierce competition of anime to date. Might be because some are tired from last season’s palette of choices. And the variety is more vast than ever, leading to having no time once again to see them all. Yeah, that’s when you know a good season of anime has come upon us. This is also the first time I’ve adjusted to not watching an anime’s episode on its airing date which I’ll see it on another day. I would get more sleep that way. You won’t be yourself if you keep pulling all-nighters or drinking too much caffeine. Kind of weird for me to say that, since I drink hot chocolate every morning. If anyone out there needs to rest, now’s the time to do so.

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Want some apples?

Ikebukuro West Gate Park

A rare lens to see Japan depicted in a more grounded direction. It’s not over-the-top nor too serious or even dramatic despite being a story revolving around gangs. The first four episodes are self-contained led a guy who doesn’t associate himself with any group which could make or break to some. Admittedly, it did had an identity crisis of what it’s going to be. I felt like I’m watching a remastered live-action J-drama but it’s an anime. Note: the source is from a novel series. And the first adaptation is live-action too. By episode 4 it was able to step itself up but I’m not sure if the coming episodes would be telling a continuous story or stay in the same format. Either way, I’m glad I didn’t drop this too early. You won’t see another show like this at any season at all. There is something about this that draws me in but I can’t pinpoint it.

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Gou (2020)

When they put the ‘slice’ in Slice-of-Life, they mean it. I did not see the original adaptations and this is the first time I’m experiencing it first-hand. Spoiler: it hooked me in! It didn’t matter to me even if the anime is actually not a remake but a reimagining with new possibilities. When it cranks up to certain scenes, be sure to prepare for blood. Episode 4 is the tip of the iceberg (or should I say hatchet) of those moments. I still don’t know how the hell it turned out that way. But who cares, they know how to set the mood. Loving the overall vibe from the quiet rural town to having a cold chill down to your spine. Finding out the mystery of the town is another thing I’m looking forward too. (P.S. Rena is crazy.)

Golden Kamuy Season 3

Testosterone overload! A continuation of the events so far and it doesn’t feel like it went away for so long. I miss this series and it’s nice to have it back once again. There’s actually an end goal and I keep forgetting who’s the main character. At this point I’m now in it for the character interactions instead of rooting them to get what they want. The entire cast is that good to begin with. Of course it’s a story about the Immortal Sugimoto but then there’s a plethora of characters with their own backstories. With how unpredictable the story could go I’m fine with what route they could take.

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That punch has got to hurt there.

Majo no Tabitabi

Elaina’s journey isn’t one without any misfortunes. Her start as a witch of learning to accept failure for the first time was a stepping stone until she sees even worse situations as her travels go. Her approach is worth analyzing since she doesn’t extend her fullest support depending on the people she encounters. I even like how it got progressively darker as it goes by with Elaina not actively taking responsibility of some actions she did directly and indirectly. The outcome of some is all up to imagination. She’s keeping her promise by her mother at the start that she’s no special person. Elaina is another witch in the land traveling wherever she could go.

Moriarty the Patriot

Strong Black Butler influences. For a story who is based on a Sherlock Holmes character I can’t help but think of Black Butler instead of Sherlock. I’m no history buff too with the specific era it takes place in. A change of pace in seeing a consultant who enables people to kill anyone without any remorse too. Moriarty’s twisted, but he does make good points when the situation calls for it. Forging a strong bond and having hatred of people from different social classes adds up to an interesting case to be orchestrated. One nitpick: the ED song. When I heard it the first time it was so jarring it lost the overall tone for a moment. I did got used to it except I don’t know why they decided to go with that.

Adachi and Shimamura

A slow burn introspective lesbian romance. The main leads are taking time at their own pace, though both seem to want to make the first move but they’re hesitant at the same time. Each girl has their own ideal version of their partner but don’t communicate it clearly enough since they keep it to themselves. Adding the fact both girls are introverts (maybe not for Shimamura) makes it more intriguing to see a closer look at their personal thoughts. Adachi has a vivid image for Shimamura except she doesn’t feel the same to her. Shimamura even has her own reasons too. Another strength is the anime’s production values on composition and camera framing. Animation is there, but not the main point. The medium is tricky to handle but once you know how a story should be told it can be done right.

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There, there.

Tonikaku Kawaii

The least priority on my seasonal viewing. Even though it’s from the same creator who made Hayate the Combat Butler his storytelling has been a miss for me at times. Maybe because I grew out of his writing style. It was fresh for one episode of having a marriage but it went too stale of Nasa’s constant praise to his wife. The romance is set up in reverse yet I don’t feel like rooting for them as a couple since it will be solved by the husband in the end. Tsukasa, the wife, is slowly showing her own side but nothing too remarkable about it. Adding the many obscure references which may be overlooked to some doesn’t help either.

Whew. That was a long ramble for once. Out of all the seasons this year, Fall 2020 takes the cake for giving out the best selection of anime to watch. Next year will be sequels galore once more. Not sure if I could like it. Is this going to be the pattern? Maybe.

What do you think? Are there any shows you liked, hated, or dropped? Let me know your thoughts!

7 thoughts on “Seasonal Impressions: Fall 2020”

    1. Itโ€™s understandable. Everyone has their own time to watch their anime. Didnโ€™t had the chance to see Jujutsu Kaisen since my list was overbooked. Adding one more makes it even harder. Is there anything different from Jujutsu Kaisen since itโ€™s another popular shounen manga?


      1. Beside the fact that it is adapting the manga pretty closely and the animation is top tier quality so far? The series is worth to watch just for the animation, I don’t usually look into that when I watch a series. I’m the type who watch something as long as it is entertaining regardless of how the animation look.
        Mappa did an awesome job so far and as a fan of the manga I am really happy about it.
        Plus the voice casting is on point.


  1. Definitely enjoying Elania, higurashi is one I should give a shot since I didn’t see the original. Good post rand, like the simplicity in the presentation

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