Upcoming Blog Plans

Hey there, Rand here. Going to slow things down for once and think about what could be the future of the blog.

A Look at the Year

This sounds like a broken record already; 2020 has been the most unexpected time for all of us. The final years of my time in college being a sudden shift from physical classes to online classes and I spent a few months not doing anything. Never had a chance to reach out to anyone from school before quarantine measures came in. But then again, I don’t have a dedicated circle of friends there.

When it did come back, it doesn’t feel like I’m learning. It’s funny, to think the final days of my education won’t be finished like it was pre-COVID. Attended online classes like normal, but the feeling of seeing it through a screen doesn’t have the same feeling at all. Hell, even my very first internship or OJT how they call it from where I live is work-from-home. Did the tasks as my supervisor assigned me to do but it doesn’t feel fulfilling. I’m doing it just to pass requirements and nothing else. Did learn a thing or two but it’s too cyclical. The only thing left for me is to finish my thesis. And it’s another project up in the air. When 2021 hits, a lot of stuff from this year will be adapted.

Pin on Anime :)

The Small Check-In

The things that keeps me afloat are: this blog and doing digital art. There’s some more hobbies I do and those are in my priority. Managing them isn’t easy. If you’ve been keeping up, this marks the first time I’ve reached 600 views a month. Maybe after this post it would be more than that.

Unsurprisingly, the views comes from a single post way back in June (2020 is a long year huh) and it keeps going up. Everything else doesn’t reach that number every single day too. That’s makes it a bit daunting, creating new content for you guys and future readers who’ll come by. Yet, that same post did gave me a possibility to try out a new kind of hobby, trying out NSFW art. You read that right. Everything’s slow at the moment, but there is a path open for me down the line. But I don’t want to forget where it all started too which is why I have plans ready.

I know some of you have already followed my other account for that specific purpose. You can find it on Twitter and Pixiv. The main account will still be here of course. But another Ko-fi account and or Patreon for that? Who knows. Maybe another update will say about it.

What You’ll See Next Year

Alongside the usual content like seasonal anime, I’m bringing a new topic to talk: Seiyuu or Japanese voice actors. Don’t have an exact title for the new series as of the moment but I have a short list of who’ll be covered. Why Japanese voice actors? Anime wouldn’t be anime without them. This may extend to their existing roles in video games too. Posting time may either be weekly or bi-weekly depending on the feedback and it will be interesting to see how it works out.

Another thing I’m looking forward to is if there are any upcoming collaborations I could participate in. Being in my own space in nice and all but I want to try out new stuff. If there are any, don’t hesitate to give me an update.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments. And happy holidays to everyone!

10 thoughts on “Upcoming Blog Plans”

  1. Post what interests you rand, keeps the blog just a little bit more colourful. Try the 30 day anime challenge or the upcoming 12 days till christmas blog challenge, where you do 12 posts that lead up to christmas. Check your discord btw ;).

    For your seasonal posts, if you’re happy with that format. Then be consistent with posting them. Tweak posts formats, if you must. Be consistent with them. I remember on my old blog, inthecubbyhole. My target posts for an entire month is 20. With 10-12 being about average. Have goals like that. At the moment, you’re like me. Wandering aimlessly. Collabs etc are a good thing too. One thing Rand, which I absolutely must drill in to your head. Do NOT compare your stats to other blogs. It WILL kill you. I left inthecubbyhole to start again because of that. And I ran inthecubbyhole from 2015- mid 2018.

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    1. I actually did the 12 days challenge last year, but I’m not able to do it this year given the circumstances. About Discord, I should try to use it more often too. Same goes with whatever comes into the blog.

      The seasonal posts are okay as it is. Having a slight tweak is a good suggestion to keep things fresh. Never considered aiming for a specific number of posts per month now that I think about it. This increases productivity. While I agree that I shouldn’t compare my stats to other blogs, it’s best to keep things transparent to know the progress. It won’t get into my head too much.


  2. Seiyuu and collabs? Sounds like a fun time and if I can spare the time between my own priorities, then I’ll happily join you. Not many bloggers talk about seiyuu in particular, so seiyuu-specialised blogs (e.g. Seiyuu+, The Hand That Feeds HQ) are a bit hard to find. I guess the problem with seiyuu is that you need to understand they don’t just do anime and games – they dub English movies, they do radio shows, they narrate live-action shows, they have singing careers and so on. Some of it is region-restricted/paid content/on at late hours and easy to miss due to timezones and whatnot, and so you have to go the distance to understand the full picture of a seiyuu’s personality and career.

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    1. Oh nice! The more the merrier. And yeah, I don’t have that much insight to the whole Seiyuu business with how different it is compared to an anime’s production schedule. When I have the outline done, I’ll send the details. Anything to add is also welcome too. I will also try to look into the blogs you’ve mentioned too so I have an idea.


    1. I used free alternatives like Easy Pose but I never use them now. 3D software has the disadvantage of being too expensive and being stuck to just one type of body shape. Most of my time drawing is looking at any reference photo and breaking it down into simplified shapes. And if you’re also asking for what drawing software I use, it’s Clip Studio Paint.


  3. I don’t know much about Seiyuu beyond specific performances I really enjoyed but I would love to know more! If you are interested in a top Seiyuu performances post – let me know. Or something else, as long as you don’t need your collaborator to know anyting…

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