Spring 2019 Seasonal Anime Wrap-up

It's time to say goodbye to these boys. Is it me or I'm watching fewer shows now? Not that it's a bad thing, but the season has been uninteresting to me. We're now reaching a time where anime sequels are taking over newer series. This doesn't mean that we're running out of fresh ideas at… Continue reading Spring 2019 Seasonal Anime Wrap-up

The 5 Best Anime Openings – Spring 2019

All music belongs to the original creators. This post is used for discussion and promotion purposes. This 5 best list is slightly different to past ones. Why you ask? I'm now including OPs from anime that's not in my to-watch seasonal posts. Looking back it felt too skewed because I ignored what those seasons offered.… Continue reading The 5 Best Anime Openings – Spring 2019

Spring 2019: Some Shows I’ll Watch

This semester's finally going to end! But it'll actually finish two weeks into Spring 2019. School aside, the amount of shows I'll keep up stayed the same like last time. However, it may lessen due to my interest to the anime itself and I have other things like drawing. I'll continue on the Episode Reviews… Continue reading Spring 2019: Some Shows I’ll Watch