Winter 2019 Seasonal Anime Wrap-up

I want people to look up at Boogiepop. This season is quite hectic for me. Had to switch between school, anime, reading, drawing, and other things. I didn't watch too many shows this time 'cause there hasn't been anything interesting to me as of late. I could catch up to one or two shows from… Continue reading Winter 2019 Seasonal Anime Wrap-up

The 5 Best Anime Openings – Winter 2019

All music belongs to the original creators. This post is used for discussion and promotion purposes. It's been awhile since my last list. I've been focusing more on my episode reviews and forgot some of the usual content I make. They will come, I promise. I only need better management. Back to the subject, I… Continue reading The 5 Best Anime Openings – Winter 2019

Haiku Anime Synopses

So I got a new tag this time. I was supposed to post an episode review but it'll be delayed for now. Annie gave me a small challenge to make haiku anime synopses. Sounds interesting! This won't cover my favorite anime but it'll be from what is in my head right now. Boogiepop wa Warawanai… Continue reading Haiku Anime Synopses

Winter 2019: What I’m Looking Forward To

It's 2019. And that means a new wave of anime incoming! But, I will be watching less shows this time. Why may you ask? The lineup's not that interesting to me. Even if there's some buzz with other shows, they're not in my favorite genre. I could watch an anime from my least favorite genre,… Continue reading Winter 2019: What I’m Looking Forward To