Anime OP and ED Playlist of 2020

Looks like things went back like it was before but in a varied way. It's been some time since I've been tagged for a post. And anime music? Count me in. This was a topic I used to cover in past seasons. Thank you Mallow for giving me the chance. The original post did say… Continue reading Anime OP and ED Playlist of 2020

How Music Elevates an Experience in ID:Invaded

Remember that one episode where Sakaido and Anaido cross through a desolate desert in their minds? That's how hot it is in my home country right now. Sure it might not reach that hot but living in the tropics has its drawbacks. With that said, let's look back at a recent anime from the start… Continue reading How Music Elevates an Experience in ID:Invaded

Best OPs and EDs of the 2010s

Having a decade of songs to choose from, here's that one modified list I promised. Instead of the usual 5 Best I normally do every season I'll compile them into a list of 10! Why? A decade is equal to 10 years. That's it. Also having 10 songs feels like you have an album or… Continue reading Best OPs and EDs of the 2010s

Anime Songs in My Playlist

It's almost the end of the decade and there's still some anime songs not available through legal means. Ah, the struggle. From what I could gather, majority of anime songs found in most digital outlets typically have the opening and ending themes. It's rare to have any insert songs or even releasing the full soundtrack.… Continue reading Anime Songs in My Playlist

Analysis Through Song: Angela Carpenter

There was one music anime where I reviewed Episode 1 all the way to Episode 24. And it was a bumpy ride. The world, premise, and music behind it has all the ingredients to make it a classic yet it was underutilized. That anime is called Carole & Tuesday. But this won't be about the… Continue reading Analysis Through Song: Angela Carpenter

Carole & Tuesday Episode 24: Long Overdue

A continuation of a dragged out ending. I feel like the show tried to find a proper way of closing all threads by putting 'Mother', the Miraculous 7 Minutes, yet it didn't. Why did they even insert some important detail when it's already the finale? I don't get it. I love the song, but hey,… Continue reading Carole & Tuesday Episode 24: Long Overdue

Carole & Tuesday Episode 23: Going Through a Checklist

What a waste of a potential show. I can't believe this episode just threw out many possible ideas and it's all for naught. Even worse, only now some forgotten characters came back only to fill the void. If it weren't for the Mars Brightest talent show, this anime could've gone to a different direction. Also… Continue reading Carole & Tuesday Episode 23: Going Through a Checklist

Carole & Tuesday Episode 22: A Haunting Result

I don't know what to say from this. We're basically close to the end of the show but it pulled something in the last minute. Carole and Tuesday are nervous before their Grammy performance yet Angela's going through it harder. It's all fluffiness in the first part of the episode with the two girls until… Continue reading Carole & Tuesday Episode 22: A Haunting Result

Carole & Tuesday Episode 21: Calm Before the Storm

Christmas came early. Well, it's needed to brighten up the mood from the episode before. We got some moments between our characters too and the show is not letting us forget what's happening around them. One thing of note is the first-minute recap has no narration this time. If you never actually noticed, whenever a… Continue reading Carole & Tuesday Episode 21: Calm Before the Storm

Carole & Tuesday Episode 20: Things Are Getting Serious

Okay. Am I watching the same show? For once I felt so uneasy that it kept me wanting to know what happens next. I also just realized there's still 4 more episodes left. Well, I can't help but feel worried about what will happen next. No wonder it kept that one performance as the last.… Continue reading Carole & Tuesday Episode 20: Things Are Getting Serious