Nintendo Switch Games I'm Looking Forward to Play

In case if you didn’t know, I ran a poll at my Twitter if I could continue posts about video games. Everyone supported it and here we are. It’s not everyday anime will be talked around and it’s nice to broaden the horizons for once. I only have a Switch with me and I don’t play that many PC games too (except for Minecraft). My selection of games is somewhat specific and it’s already obvious why I only play these types of games. Though I might at least open up to some other types as well, if it does pique my interests.

AI: The Somnium Files

I’ve played the Zero Escape series and I would love to play another visual novel made by the same creator. It is rare to find a mystery-adventure type of game especially with visual novel elements in the current landscape. And I understand why, but it is also one of my favorite niches. Unexpected twists, use of a mystery set-up then solving it, and finding out who’s the one pulling the strings. Having some sprinkle of laughs is also good as long as it’s timed right. I do remember one random comment from someone saying it’s comparable to the recent ID:Invaded anime.

Shin Megami Tensei V

How long was the time when this game was announced? Currently the spotlight is on the Persona series and it’s about time more information should be out even if it’s little. Shin Megami Tensei IV and IV Apocalypse were both good in its own right and it used up the 3DS’ capacity in its lifespan. And it’s been, what? Roughly 3 years since the Switch was out. I want to recruit demons and fuse them again… And please, make it more fitting for older audiences.

Metroid Prime 4

Another game like SMTV that’s stuck in development. Only an announcement video was given and nothing else. One thing of note is that I don’t know that much about the world of Metroid and Samus Aran herself but it got me intrigued for its concept and aesthetics. Add to the fact I suck at FPS games. If it did come sooner I would’ve play it now and explore more because there’s so much to unpack there. Sometimes playing the same types of games will make me bored of it.

Bravely Default II

Here comes the confusing naming of a video game. After only playing Bravely Default on the 3DS and never gotten the chance to play Bravely Second, I still question why the sequel’s naming has to be this and not Bravely Third. From the announcement back then I am not sure if it would follow the same narrative from previous games even with a new cast lined up for this. But another Bravely game wouldn’t hurt, right?

I know it’s a short list, and playing more games once in a while makes it more fulfilling. And if you have any suggestions, I would gladly try something new to fill the void. Until next time!

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