Seasonal Impressions: Spring 2020

I don’t know how I could describe this season in one word. Delays and cancellations left and right, uncertain reschedules, and the fact majority of people we’re looking forward to see more anime all this time. And somehow it became a leeway for obscure shows to get into the spotlight. Note: there are other shows out there than what you’re watching.

Me when one of the anime I’m watching gets delayed but then there are other things to worry about.


Right now Appare and Kosame are finding a way to win the cross-country race to get back home. And I love the dynamic between the two and Appare has a Senku-like aura as he always minds his own business. I felt bad that no matter the time period people will look down to a person trying to break the mold and only after when the person is gone their efforts will be appreciated.

Kosame is also a good man too though it’s understandable for him being narrow-minded at times. I do hope that the race would broaden his worldview. One thing that caught me off guard was the fact Appare is a guy the moment he spoke. I somewhat get the point since it takes place in a fictional America with racism and sexism being the norm and the racers being nothing like the citizens. Each racer has their own screentime but I fear it will be only the tip of the iceberg since the show is going to be delayed.


Hit and miss for me. While each episode is divided into segments the timing of each punchline and humor varies depending on how good your Japanese is. Even when the scene is supposed to be viewed as serious it would turn a 180 and the story would then move on. I liked the overall presentation and how the characters are designed yet there’s a specific way to enjoy it. I would still continue the show at least, until if it can interest me long enough.

To think that Minare is becoming a contender for best main lead of the year.

Wave, Listen to Me!

This is what I’ve been missing all this time. An anime dealing with the struggles of adult life. No sugarcoating, just pure unfiltered rants from a charismatic woman who might be destructive at times and gets the job done. Whenever Minare appears you get sucked into her circle as she finds a way to get through it. From awkward relationships, earning money to get by, drunk sessions, knowing that your first boss is gay from the start, unemployment, and more.

The concept is also a standout since it’s going through uncharted territory that hasn’t been depicted. Minare’s personality may not suit everyone’s taste and I get that. But her existence is what sets her apart as if you might meet someone like her at one point. When the show is over I would look forward to see more adult-centered anime someday.


So far we’re seeing Arte climbing an uphill battle to be an artist. I already know that she will overcome it and two episodes already did it. First episode was a good opener, and repeating the same thing kind of loses the point. The other characters she met don’t have that much of an impact and it feels like they’re decorations. I’m not sure how the people in town would view her aside from looking down at her over and over.

My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!

Catarina is the personification of a chaotically good person. Her knowledge of the otome game and slowly breaking it shows an interesting side of a different medium. I liked the lighthearted tone and its occasional wackiness to it. The conquest of each character is natural and doesn’t feel out of place. I haven’t enjoyed a harem like this in a while. Now that I think about it, when was the last time I’ve watched a good harem anime? This one broke the structure of how one is supposed be.

Kaguya-sama: Love is War 2nd Season

Kaguya-sama is back again and it feels like nothing has changed. Literally and figuratively. Since it did start from where it left off last season it’s most likely going to fill some gaps while bringing something new. But at least this one did not get delayed at all or else people would have no reason to watch anime again. Yet, it felt like a restart of the entire story since I forgot what happened at the first season.

Fruits Basket 2nd Season

We’re only a few episodes in and there’s a slow descent incoming. I meant that there’s going to be more suffering while hanging on to the wholesomeness of Tohru. Everyone is aware of their positions and it’s only a matter of time until the curse is finally broken. Bit by bit, we should cherish what is left until the eventual madness comes into fruition. Plus can’t this series end at a Tohru x Kyo ending? Once the curse is over let Tohru be with him. I know that Yuki is slowly becoming more active this season yet I can’t see how he can end up with Tohru even if the implication is there.

I liked this shot for some reason.

The Millionaire Detective – Balance: Unlimited

Another detective story wouldn’t hurt right? Until when you see the amount of money spent per episode because Daisuke is rich and doesn’t care when he throws it. Each episode seems to be going through a typical textbook approach and I don’t mind. If only Cop Craft had this amount of production value over what happened in that anime… I’m also intrigued by the people working in that division too except this is going to be cut short too. Sigh. At least I get a taste of what a detective story should be presented as.

I would’ve included one more anime but it hasn’t aired. You could guess what I’m referring to. What about you? How’s your experience with the season? ‘Til the next one!

3 thoughts on “Seasonal Impressions: Spring 2020”

  1. “Plus can’t this series end at a Tohru x Kyo ending? ”

    They are really, really good together. But — and I haven’t read the manga, so maybe this is heresy — I almost think that he and Aris Uotani would make a great couple. They just seem to click every time they’re together, and in terms of pure strength, Arisa has a decent chance of putting up with him.

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    1. Valid point there. My initial thought lead to that because it’s a profound moment for Kyo back in Season 1. I do see Uotani as a good partner for him but it just so happened that Tohru exists. If the series was in her perspective there would’ve been a bigger chance for Uotani. Can’t deny that the banter between them is good too. Yet if it did, that would change the story from the ground up. Would be nice to see an alternate universe in that canon.

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