The Jon’s Creator Showcase: May 2020 (Self-Indulgence at Home)

Hey, how are you? Hope your doing well amidst what’s happening now. If you feel lost, we got some content for you. Interested in: Anime? Games? Videos? Guidance? It’s all here.

This post is just part 1 of what’s to come. Everyone poured their efforts in making these happen. There was a record set by last month’s showcase except it wasn’t able to break it. But hey, 38 submissions is still enough. To shake things up a little, click on any image that interests you and it will lead into the article you want to read. Some articles don’t have header images but you can at least click the title. Let’s be on our way.

Being at Home

Self-Care in a Time of Social Distancing – How I’ve Been Taking Care of My Mental Health from Home

In these trying times, our own mental health is testing its own limits. Pokeninja shares her tips to get by and some of these can help you. The uncertainty is there for the moment, and it will pass. Just don’t forget to take care of yourself first. Remember that we all have our own obstacles to overcome and not everyone has the same struggles.

Cabin Fever

When I read this, it tells me that you should need to let go of something in your system. Even better when you get straight to the point. Megan talks about the consequences of being stuck at her own home and it has its downsides. It also reminded me that you need to reach out to people you trust so you can communicate what you want to say.

What Are My Favorites Kinds Of Stories, I Wonder.

Voyager takes a step back to reflect. The topic in question may be different for all kinds of people and there is a certain reason why. It got me interested throughout the whole post because normally it could just end at one short sentence though he actually gives an in-detail reason.

Anime Showcase

Representation In Bloom Into You

Posts like this make me smile. Anime as a medium always has many variants of representations and there’s always something more than just on the surface level. It would be nice if more series like Bloom Into You were adapted so everyone would know there are diverse topics waiting to be explored.

Seasonal Anime Watchers With David Attenborough

One of the most amusing pieces I’ve read this quarantine. I had a good laugh especially when knowing how the man’s voice sounds like. If you’re not familiar with David Attenborough try a searching for a short clip to be immersed in his glorious voice. Trust me, you won’t see anime the same way how it’s normally supposed to be.

Witch Hunter Robin

Fred takes a look at an anime whose aesthetic is the culmination of its time period back then. Looking at how Witch Hunter Robin works and its overall world, why is this style been so obscure these days? From how the characters think, to even the collective thinking, it should come back. He also gives recommendations to similar series following the same foundations.

Neon Genesis Evangelion Analysis | GITM Podcast Ep. 40: Absurdism & Meaning

If you are interested in another medium, who not try a podcast for a first? Get In The Mecha shares his thoughts on one of the most well-known series of all time. For those who love Evangelion, you’re in it for a treat.

Arcadia Dragnet, Year 1, Issue 17

From a new blogger, Arcadia brought something I never actually expected in the blogging community: fansub releases. We’re now in an age where anime can be at your local streaming service but subtitles are what most people are needed since it is easy to watch anime online (in Japanese mostly). Some of the most obscure series are only found through fansubs and it is noteworthy to see that the practice is ongoing.

Anime Studio Challenge: 1st PLACE’s Mekakucity Actors (Spoiler-free Review)

Yomu gives an insight of a series that had the potential yet it fell along the way. With a vague premise right off the bat even though it’s made by Shaft, the company who did the Monogatari Series and March Comes in Like a Lion, it didn’t reach the same level as the latter.

Girls’ Last Tour: Why Did Ishii’s Plane Fail?

Scott analyzes an incident about a plane in Girls’ Last Tour and how it could have been done differently. He explains further with some technical details some of you may not understand (I can’t understand some of them too and it’s nice to read them). The best part is how he analyzed further possibilities with real-world knowledge and still bend it because it is anime.

Akame Ga Kill! is a mess but that’s okay

nabe-chan is well aware that even if Akame ga Kill isn’t the best show out there, it has its own entertainment value. Pointing out the negatives in a show isn’t always the indicator it’s unwatchable. Well, there are exceptions (if I could find one). As long as it’s memorable, it can leave a mark.

The Promised Neverland: A Series in One Soundtrack

Moyatori takes a close look at The Promised Neverland’s soundtrack, one of the most riveting in its first incarnation. What’s interesting is how a trait of each character gives its own time to shine and it culminates into an overall piece of art.

[OWLS Tour 2020] Beacon of Hope

Mel brings on another perspective from the same series about how in spite all of the miseries Emma, Norman, and Ray face it all leads to a long-time goal. Now that I think about it, they all found friendship in a more extreme situation after finding out the truth. It’s only a fraction of what will come for them.

Tsugumomo: Ecchi Addiction for Spiritual Objects

Ecchi. Do I need to say more? tanteikid94 gives an in-depth overview of Tsugumomo and how it stands out from similar series such as High School DxD. What sold me was the fact the MC actually made his moves which in turn made him an actual character over the ever-so-common self-inserts who don’t do anything at all. I should go back to this specific genre of anime and it feels like I’m missing out.

Life Lessons in Fruits Basket

As Fruits Basket is airing its second season, Matija breaks down each character’s image in the series and how each one of them teaches essential lessons in life. Looking back, there is something for everyone in this well-beloved series.

5 Cute Hairstyles I’d Like To Try

Seeing the title I thought some of these might be impossible to recreate in real life, but surprisingly, it’s possible. miipuffs shares her Top 5 list of anime hairstyles one could try. As long you know a hairstylist near you or if you can do it on your own. My hair on the other hand is still growing and I don’t mind it outgrown.

Shirobako: A Creative’s Guide to Happiness || OWLS “Hope”

Takuto sheds light into Shirobako’s outlook. As someone who loves to create, there’s always the uncertainty where it would always lead to. Even finding the purpose behind it all creates another bigger question which might not be answered right away. In a way, you do need take some tips for those who need it. Like this post here!

Reviews + More

My Brother’s Husband Series Review

Al Pal reviews an acclaimed LGBTQ+ manga which educates readers about the current struggles of gay men by Gengoroh Tagame. Topics like this should be normalized in the long run and having a title from the perspective of a man who creates stories for gay men should be discussed more often. To add, Tagame’s art style is distinct compared to what you see in Yaoi manga and anime with how muscular his men are depicted. He’s one of the leading creators of Bara manga among others.

BOFURI: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, so I’ll Max Out My Defense (Season One)

From last season’s most talked-about anime, Lynn reviews Bofuri, another anime I haven’t even watched (I still have other shows in my backlog by the way). I remember this anime was meme’d so much due to how Maple (pictured above) plays the VRMMORPG game. Having a fair share of games, but not online games, it’s another series where you’ll simply have fun. Who doesn’t want to have fun anyway?

Anime Corner: Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! Review

neverarguewithafish provides a great review of Eizouken’s creative process in both meta and actual animation production. In my preview list this one didn’t went to my radar at first. Until I saw the first episode it went straight into my bests of the season list. The best anime paired up with this is Shirobako, taking more on the professional side of things. What’s similar? They both create the same medium we all love growing up.

A Violet Evergarden Side Story: A Review and Full Recommendation on Eternity and the Auto Memory Doll

Wait, I’m not updated with this one! Oh the struggles of an anime fan. That aside, Violet Evergarden released a new side story and if you want more, InfiniteZenith’s got you covered. The gist so far especially in his gorgeous screenshots provided, Kyoto Animation’s still got it after what they’ve been through.

Demon Slayer review – its terror time again!

Skully_Kyri gives an on-point piece on Demon Slayer’s aim as a series. Honestly, when I read through the lines I agreed with what he said. Even I didn’t mind starting it from Episode 1. Why? It’s nothing really new other than a spin on the popular shounen demographic. Well, everyone has their own tastes.

The Conversion: Your Lie In April (Live-Action)

MirrorPurple reviews Your Lie in April in its Live-action movie incarnation. Handling two different mediums is a challenge especially when the movie only has three-fourths of the overall story. But if you don’t want to sit through a longer medium (referring to the anime), maybe this piece would change your mind.

Rascal Does Not Dream of a Dreaming Girl – An Overindulgent Conclusion

As someone who hasn’t watched the film but saw the show, Jon gives a challenging review from a recent series. I only have a vague idea of what happened back in the series (I basically forgot now at this point) and this piece shows that you don’t need to think too much. Does this mean that it isn’t a good sequel? Not really. If you know what you’re in it for, you know what you’ll get it in return.

The Spider-Man Movies and the Embodiment of Spider-Man

You thought it was all anime? Don’t forget other mediums exists too. LiteratureFuckBoi share his analysis of Spider-Man’s depictions in all current forms. After reading, it dawned on me that out of all the superheroes movies I’ve seen, Spider-Man got the most number of interpretations. Why? He is the most simplest superhero to look up to and anyone can be like him.

Review: Fruits Basket Season 2 Episode 2 Best In Show

Speaking of Fruits Basket, are you updated? Crow discussed one episode of the airing series and highlighted his most favorite moments so far. I know we’re now going into the meat of the story not covered by the first adaptation way back. What I could say left is there is a lot going on here.

Sword Art Online Episode 15-25: The Fairy Dance Arc

I still wonder though, people still like to hate on popular things? Dewbond proudly reviews one of the most so-called “divisive arcs” in SAO. Without knowing back then how far the series would actually go, it is valid that some would argue this way. But using it as the sole reason to think that it’s not worth your time? Think again. I thought it was decent at best and like what he said, there’s more to tell.

15 Anime Like Dr. Stone [Recommendations]

YumDeku has a long list of recommendations similar to Dr.Stone. Some of them might not be similar in genre, but more on the premise and its themes. This is needed for those who need a quick fix after not keeping up with the medium for a long time. If you don’t know where to start, it’s okay. We all have our own time to spend every single day.

And that is part 1 of the showcase this month so far. What do you think? Next up you’ll be seeing gaming content and familiar bloggers who test the waters of YouTube and some new video creators too. See you on the next post!

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