First Impressions: Tsurune

Overcoming Target Panic is no joke for this character.

Even if it was aired late into the season, Tsurune has set its goals. From Kyoto Animation, it is based on the novel of the same name in their own imprint. Following 5 boys and other members in the club, the entire story follows the same introduction pattern from some Sports anime I’ve seen this year. It is a bit tiring to see the it all over again with a different cast once more.

One difference I see at least is how it unfolds. Minato suffering from Target Panic and losing his mother early on gives a new spin for a main character. It started during a match to another school but I get this feeling his mother’s loss will also play a role. The main goal for them is simply to be the best archery club. So of course some rivalries will be coming.

The rest of the members have familiar archetypes for now. Ryohei most especially is willing to find a way to understand what Minato is going through. From what I see, even if it sounds it’s been done to death, teamwork plays a role here.

What stands out is the first episode of the show. How it plays out came straight out of a movie. Considering the fact the studio also did Violet Evergarden should be in their line of work. For now, I’m still ambivalent to this anime. The high production value doesn’t seem to align with cookie-cut characters. If the story does pick up, this would still be worth the watch by the art alone.

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