A Real Neat Blog Award

I didn’t even expect that I’ll receive an award. Thank you Mallow for the nomination! I’m opening up new horizons here. Anyway, here goes.

It’s the first time for me receiving this.

The Rules of the Award

  • Display the logo
  • Thank the blogger for the award
  • Answer the questions the one who has nominated you
  • Nominate 7-10 bloggers
  • Ask them 7 questions


What helps you remain passionate about blogging?

People who actually read what I wrote. I started out with some First Impressions then I give my best anime theme songs of each season. Starting now I’m doing Episode Reviews to further reach out. At first I was just talking to a blank space in the internet with no people in sight. But as time goes on, I noticed that there’s someone out there who loves what I wrote even if some are half-baked posts.

What is something you know now about blogging that you wished you knew when you began?

Knowing when is a good time to start accepting compensation from the audience you’ve built. I actually made a Ko-fi page but I’m still not sure when is the right time to advertise it. If my blog gets the desired amount of views within this month, I may put the link in future posts. I’ve seen other blogs having a link at the end of their posts but I still don’t know (’til now) what was needed in the first place. I prefer to do things step by step.

If you could meet your favourite voice actor/actress who would it be?

Kenjirou Tsuda! I would even go gay for him because of his voice. I have respect for him voicing normal characters to characters who are flamboyantly wild. He even actually voiced a gay character named Fire Emblem from Tiger and Bunny and he slayed it.

Would you like to get in to the animation/entertainment/video game industry?. If so, is Shirobako or new game an inspiration for you to do so?. If not, then why did you decide to go in to said industry?

I would love to get into the animation industry, especially Japan’s. You’ve already guessed it because of Shirobako. Not only that I wanted to create an animation show/film about the Philippines, the country where I came from. Japan can create an anime from any part of their culture and sharing it to the world. I want to do same by representing my home. It would have an influence from anime, but it will present something different.

If you weren’t blogging, would you try something like a podcast or Youtube?

I never had the thought of doing either. I’m a Multimedia Arts college student here, so I would prefer to draw more often. But, I saw that blogging also brings in an audience too just like an artist you see on social media.

If your favourite video game/anime character came to life, how would you spend your time with them?

If Deishuu Kaiki was real I’m willing to give my money to him. No questions asked. I know that he’s a conman, but spending it on a yakiniku dinner would make it even better.

What two anime/videogame world would you live in?

I would live in the world of 3-gatsu no Lion. Even if it takes place in Japan, the characters you meet can really change your perspective about life. The bad times you go through are hard to sink in at first, but it would melt away because you know there are people who’re willing to support you. You are aware that not everyone is a good person, yet every one has their own way to cope up with what they did. Also there’s the homemade dishes by a loving family too!

I nominate:

My Questions to you:

This is no particular order by the way.

  1. What keeps you coming back when it comes to blogging?
  2. Who do you blog for?
  3. You have the chance to make an original story for your favorite anime/film/show, how would you do it?
  4. Which character do you hate the most?
  5. Would you spend time with your waifu/husbando for just 1 day?
  6. If you weren’t blogging, where would you be now?
  7. Would you want to get hands-on experience in the animation/entertainment/film industry? If so, what was the reason?

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