Spring 2019 Seasonal Anime Wrap-up

It’s time to say goodbye to these boys.

Is it me or I’m watching fewer shows now? Not that it’s a bad thing, but the season has been uninteresting to me. We’re now reaching a time where anime sequels are taking over newer series. This doesn’t mean that we’re running out of fresh ideas at least. It’s just getting more and more difficult to keep up with the trends now. Next season might change it a bit, I’ll let my expectations go low.

What I Recommend

  • Kono Oto Tomare! – Despite the average visuals, the ensemble cast carried the show. With the koto performances you get a slice on how high their aiming for their club. What’s most surprising is you can already sense who’s liking who yet it makes it a point that it’s a part of their growth. If it ever comes a time one couple becomes a thing, I’ll gladly support it. Can’t wait for Season 2 this Fall.
  • Sarazanmai – Trippy, fun, and gay! For an anime from an acclaimed director I enjoyed how different the anime is from what I watched so far. If I could give a spoiler-free description think about overcoming your own flaws which create a stronger connection to your closest friends or loved ones. Don’t forget that it’s just the surface level of what’s to come.
  • Carole & Tuesday – I know most of you have kept up with my reviews. From my experience, it’s still a solid show. The music is there, the setting is good, but what’s missing right now is the lack of interesting main leads. For a duo, the title of the show could be rewritten as Carole instead of Carole & Tuesday. I want to see if Tuesday does deserve to be a leading character as to how the show writes it.
  • Fruits Basket (2019) – This feels more of a family drama with supernatural elements including the obvious love triangle between two guys. I didn’t watch the original show nor read the manga. What keeps me coming back is the overall atmosphere. You get to learn a thing or two and Tohru is perfect for leading it. I cannot think of a better character who had to deal with a lot of things along the way.

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