Living the Moment in Wasteful Days of High School Girls

Over one weekend I had nothing to do. You get that especially when you feel like you’ve finished a lot of stuff to deal with. At that time it was in between two seasons where most seasonal anime have just finished airing. Since I’m impatient to wait for the new anime to drop for once I binged this anime which I realized that I should’ve saw it while it was airing. How come nobody told me of the surprising Wasteful Days of High School Girls?

What’s shocking to me is that it just aired in 2019. It was the best choice I ever made for a show where it takes me back to the time where things was tranquil. You don’t feel any pressure and it felt like you owned the world back in the day, no matter how naive you are.

Even with context this anime is so random at times.

How it started felt like walking in a daydream. Then it snaps back with witty dialogue. Each character emphasizes on their own nicknames as created by Tanaka (known as Baka) since Episode 1. Some of them include Majime, Wota, Robo, Lily, Majo, Loli, Yamai, and many more. I thought things would get stale from the start but I stand corrected. They all felt like people you’ve met at some point in your high school life without even knowing.

When one exaggerates something, it always hits on the mark. One time Wota declares she would live off her royalties from her dream of becoming a mangaka; until it cuts off to her snoring the next second. Almost every episode starts off with Baka telling her friends that she has something amazing to say. In spite of her friends telling her that time is wasting she’s still willing to say it. By the end of the anime it sort of became her catchphrase whenever she’s on screen. Baka may be stupid, but when she declares something she means it.

Another great factor is how every joke presented here doesn’t feel forced at all. Replay it again and it still sticks the landing. Best part? You get attached to the characters and you want to watch it again. I for one will see it once more when it feels right. But this time with a bowl of popcorn, some drinks, good internet connection, and having no worries to think off. That’s how I want to relive it. When things feel down you can always rely on the girls to cheer you up.

Snack Loli GIF by HIDIVE - Find & Share on GIPHY
Have a “Bocky”!

In anime like this no story is visibly present given the lighthearted nature. This is evidently seen in Slice-of-Life series and I also consider this as one of them. Somehow, there is a story behind all of these shenanigans. It was done in the most unexpected way possible through the established character relationships. And I love it. The sad part is when it was over. At least, I can play the OP on repeat and I should’ve listed that song as one of the best anime songs of 2019.

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