The 5 (?) Best Anime Endings – Summer 2018

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The downside of a not so strong season is when some shows hoards up majority of the general audience. It always happens every season. When you look at sites like MyAnimeList, you can see the number of people anticipating one anime. But that will be saved for another post. I’m here to share my best Anime Endings for Summer 2018. Personally, the EDs this time have gotten weaker than last season. Maybe it’s that they’re only intended for a specific audience. And I’ve been keeping this intro long enough.

#5 (?) Hoshie –ย Tenrou: Sirius the Jaeger

I’m only putting this here since I need to keep my lists consistent. I dropped this show at Episode 2 and I cannot say much for this song. It sounds like an insert song (especially at the chorus) more than an ED but the visuals used in the anime looked nice.

#4 Houkago Distraction – High Score Girl

I haven’t started this show due to availability. (Thanks Netflix.) This song used unlikely beats but the alluring voice drew me in for some reason. When put together this alternative song is born. I could put this in my playlist. Good thing fansubs are still around and people are willing to give this one a chance. When the season’s over I may start watching it.

#3 Nanairoad – Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro

Sung by the main heroine and her best friend, this could also fit as their theme. It really goes well with their relationship. Though they blatantly mess with each other in the show, you know that they’re the best of friends. The visuals used in the anime recaps all of the events so far and the song makes it better.

#2ย Akatsuki no Requiem – Attack on Titan Season 3

Confession: I stopped continuing this series at Season 1. I never really got into why it’s loved by many. But that’s me. This song sets a new high for Linked Horizon. It sounds like a track from a drama film more than from an anime. I cannot find the full version since it’s not yet released.

#1 Prayer X – Banana Fish

The entire show is solid from the cast, the story, and the music. It was sometimes used as an insert song at the end of an episode whenever the main events are done. Rather than going straight to the ED’s visuals, it saved time to show extra scenes to the cast’s realization to the things they’ve done. It’s there to create an effective storytelling.

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