First Impressions: Given

Since when was the last time I’ve seen a BL anime that’s this good? Really, this one broke the misconception of what shows like this are treated as such. Although I know Love Stage exists (although it aired a long time ago) similar anime still falls under a specific niche. I am saying this to you now: give this show a chance.

Everything presented so far feels natural. From the opening sequence to the scenes at school and to the first performance shown. It goes slow, which is also the strongest point. I am exhausted with other shows that picks up the pace without warning. I am glad to see that I can take it all in and enjoy.

Given follows the story of Sato, who wants to play the guitar. He thinks too deeply of an incident that happened, so he finds someone who can teach him. Then he crossed paths with Uenoyama. His deal was getting to choose between basketball or continue playing music with his band. In a string of events, he gave Sato the chance to see their performance with his brotherly bandmates. This was Uenoyama’s chance to rekindle his love for music because he found someone who he can be close to. Even the other two bandmates Akihiko and Haruki are aware that he’s slowly falling for him.

What I find most impressive is it comes from the same studio that also animates Astra Lost in Space this season. Lerche was able to bring in two different shows offering great quality. If you want to take a dip into this genre, go for this. You won’t regret it.

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