The 5 Best Anime Endings – Summer 2019

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Okay, I’ve had a difficult time making this list. All of them, as in ALL of them are just that good! No season of anime can top this one. It’s unfair if you ask me. They let it all out and show off what they can deliver to the people. The major setback is majority of them aren’t available for legal streaming. There’s alternatives of course but I would love to add them in my music library one day. Anyway, here we go!

#5 Glow at the Velocity of Light – Astra Lost in Space

I almost forgot that theme songs exist in this anime. Plus it’s the third time I’ve heard Riko Azuna singing too. She’s a rising star. It even fits the atmosphere of discovering space (well, even though the team is lost). I love the optimism in the way how she sings the lyrics. When you are lost, hope finds its way home.

#4 Not Afraid – Carole & Tuesday

Contrasting to the main leads, we take a look at their rival who’s unsurprisingly reliant on AI. Angela has been an interesting character over the course of the anime and this ED supports it. Clearly, she’s going through her own path separate from the two. A little detail is how Angela looks straight into nothing as seen in the visuals. Comparing from the first, Carole is looking up while Tuesday is looking down. They’ve been building up her character for awhile now and it’s time to see what’s behind her true intentions.

#3 veil – Fire Force

The first 14 seconds just lures you in. I also didn’t watch this anime yet but the song keeps coming back. Not sure how many times I’ve been replaying the intro alone. I’m jealous of the Japanese at times. One big difference I see here is the official music video and the ED’s visuals telling different stories. The former being its own interpretation while the latter being related to the source material. Either way, this song is fire.

#2 LIFE – Dr. Stone


Best guitar introduction hands-down! I know it’s 2019 but there are certain songs where I’m transported back to a different time. It could work at a 2000’s anime and it would still be worth a listen. I wonder how they are able to create songs that are timeless. At this point I want to know their secrets.

#1 Marutsuke – Given

Remember how music can convey emotions? This is it. It can hurt you. It can force you to recall. It can look back. And, it can give you an experience – that you never had. Whenever the chorus hits I get this stab on my chest for some reason. Goes to show that there are ways you can reach out to someone out there.

What are your best picks this season?

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