Boogiepop wa Warawanai Episode 18: Accepting Who You Are

The finale for Boogiepop ended on a good note. If you managed to complete this show without ever getting confused, I commend your efforts. It took a bunch of twists and turns where some was worth the payoff and some don’t. The last arc for this adaptation was all about how past events affects a person’s inner selves.

Picking up from last time, the King of Distortion was none other than Tanaka Shirou, the archer who killed Manticore from the very first arc. This all happened because of his guilt being carried on. There might be hints I’ve missed in its run but I may do a rewatch of the whole show. Tanaka grieved for the death of Naoko due to failed attempts of reaching out. His purpose was to simply heal the distortion in one’s heart by drawing them and pointing it out to the person.

It wasn’t much of a threat at all though they could’ve made the reveal a bit better. Boogiepop knows why they felt no threat was looming. Sometimes it only needs a confirmation from a higher power.

Let’s enjoy Boogiepop’s smug for one last time!

Niitoki got her way out through the lens of Saotome. In the beginning we know she has feelings for Takeda and she felt insecure of Miyashita’s presence. Interestingly, the novels actually depicted her interests with him as early as the first novel. She accepted her true feelings on her own and accepted their relationship. Takeda on the other hand, is just there when the big event was already finished.

As a whole, Boogiepop isn’t meant for the beginner audience. The first arc will test your willingness. But what makes it standout is the atmosphere it gives with a soundtrack worth listening to. Some characters are one-sided, as there are others who give an impression. It all depends on how you view them. We all have some lingering thoughts up to now, right?

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  1. […] What most people know about Naoko is her connection to Echoes. But then she died. Her death was the most hollow killing of a character in the anime. We never get to see her until the final arc as a kind spirit. She was only used as a reminder for Tanaka Shiro (pictured on the right) that he still has feelings for her. Also if you didn’t know her death was the reason why Tanaka developed a different side. […]


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