Carole & Tuesday Episode 23: Going Through a Checklist

What a waste of a potential show. I can’t believe this episode just threw out many possible ideas and it’s all for naught. Even worse, only now some forgotten characters came back only to fill the void. If it weren’t for the Mars Brightest talent show, this anime could’ve gone to a different direction. Also where’s my Angela spin-off? Her song was the saving grace but it might be the last one to make way for the 7 Minutes next week.

Now I get why almost every episode always starts off with a 20-second narration by Gus. That amount of time could’ve gave way to more details we haven’t seen here. But no, it seems they kept going in circles for the second half until a decent ending is in sight. You want to know why I haven’t started talking what actually happened this episode? There’s little to talk about here. Basically, Carole and Tuesday made a secret meeting with other artists (including Spencer and Kyle) to set up for the final performance. Dahlia went to the afterlife, Tao hacked cyber security, and adding salt to the wound is seeing Valerie (yes, her.) realizing she’s being a puppet to Jerry all this time. The good thing (at least) is Kyle pointing out to Spencer for being a naive rich son. So much for the political buildup.

Again, where’s my Angela spin-off?

While the show wants us to see the two girls in the spotlight, my eyes are on Angela. I’m already expecting the 7 Minutes to be a good one ever since they keep teasing it from episode 1. It seems they can’t decide who to go for. There wasn’t a balance and they somehow purposefully kept their rivalries too far apart. The time they did cheer for each other is when Angela arrived at the hospital. Her cry for help was pretty much a sign of realizing she can’t move on her own until Tao actually came.

Once the final episode comes, this show may end up being an anime lost in the sea of seasonal shows. But there’s good music, that’s for sure.

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